BCCM urges customers to switch banks

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While the debate about whether the big banks will pass on the cost of the new government levy rages on, the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is urging Australians to do something practical and vote with their feet by switching to the banks that consistently top the satisfaction surveys – mutual banks and credit unions.

#switchdontbitch is the fun new campaign that urges customers to shop around for better banking value. To help them do that BCCM has developed a micro website with information on how to switch your bank accounts as well as links to bank comparison websites.

“The reason that more Australians don’t switch banks even when they are dissatisfied by their current provider has to be about more than just apathy,” said BCCM CEO Melina Morrison.

“There’s plenty of competition out there and opportunity to get a great deal on your banking. There’s almost 80 mutual banks and credit unions to start with. But there’s also a lack of awareness about where to find other banks as well as how much easier it is to switch banks these days.”

We invite everyone to visit our website switchdontbitch.com.au where they will find more information on switching.

“If you make the switch to a better value bank, we’re asking you share that on social media with the hashtag #switchdontbitch. Your actions will show others that there might be a better deal out there for them as well,” said Morrison.

Alternatively the BCCM urges consumers to visit the Canstar website www.canstar.com.au/

“A quick search will make it patently clear that there are many alternatives and that good deals on credit cards, savings and mortgages are not unicorns.”

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