The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is the national peak body representing the co-operative and mutual models of enterprise. It is the only organisation uniting the entire and diverse range of member owned businesses.

Formed in 2013, the BCCM is a powerful and informed voice in the business community. Led by the chief executives of Australia’s co-operative and mutual businesses, the BCCM brings together the sector of businesses owned by members or formed to benefit members, with the common objective of increasing awareness of these models of enterprise.

With an estimated 2000 co-operative and mutual businesses operating nationally representing a total of 14.8 million memberships, the BCCM through its members, highlights the contribution co-operatives and mutuals make to the national economy and social development in Australia. Australia has a rich heritage of co-operatives and mutuals and the BCCM aims to invigorate the sector for a greater balance and diversity in the forms of business ownership in the economy.

“The CBH Co-operative has provided unique value for over 80 years and the co-op model has enabled CBH to make long-term strategic decisions that help ensure the ongoing prosperity of the grains industry. CBH has long understood the value and benefits a co-operative model can bring, that’s why we support the establishment of a business council to promote our way of doing business.”
Dr Andrew Crane
CEO, CBH Group and Chair, BCCM Board