Co-operative Capital Raising Symposium

Show us the Money

Date: Wednesday 30th May

Venue: Function Room 3, Level 12, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Time: 12:30pm – 4:00pm

Cost: Free for Members & Friends of the BCCM | Non-Members – $110.00 + GST

Places are limited to 40 delegates. Register online today


There are huge possibilities for Australian co-operatives to raise capital at all stages of their development.

This symposium brings together leading practitioners and co-operatives to share insights into co-operative capital and is a rare opportunity to unpack the opportunities for raising capital using co-operative structures. This is particularly pertinent at a time when social impact investment is maturing and co-operatives, such as the National Health Co-operative and The Co-operative Life, are some of the fastest growing social enterprises in Australia.

Social impact investors, co-operatives, social enterprise developers and public service officials are invited to learn about investing in co-operatives from practitioners and successful co-operatives through case-study based presentations and small-group breakouts.


Time Description Speaker
12:30pm – 1:00pm Delegate registration – foyer Welcome Tea & Coffee
1:00pm – 1:05pm Welcome & introduction Melina Morrison, CEO BCCM
1:05pm – 1:20pm Introduction to Co-operative capital

Robyn will give a brief overview of the various capital raising options for co-ops.

Robyn Donnelly, Co-op legal specialist

Robyn Donnelly is a co-operative legal specialist who has worked as a solicitor, barrister and academic, as well as in the public service as Legal Manager for the NSW Registrar of Co-operatives and Associations. She is the author of BCCM’s publication, Community investment for Australian co-operatives: A Handbook.

1:20pm – 1:40pm Accessing debt-finance: communicating with your lender about your co-operative structure

Delegates will have the opportunity for Q & A

Bank Australia

Bank Australia is establishing itself as one of the more important social impact investors in Australia. It has been at the forefront of supporting new and innovative community and disability housing models.

1:40pm – 2:00pm What are CCUs and how do we use them?

Rohan worked extensively with social impact investment co-operative ORICoop on their recent Co-operative Capital Unit (CCU) offer. He will discuss CCUs, how they work and their potential.

Rohan Clarke – Partner, Co-operative Bonds

Following a career in the financial sector, Rohan Clarke now works as an entrepreneur and consultant, fostering the development of co-operatives particularly where technology and data intersect.

2:00pm – 2:20pm Raising millions with the humble member share

Hepburn Wind Park Co-operative is Australia’s first community-owned wind farm. It is an excellent case study for raising capital for co-operatives, having used debt, grant and equity-based funding. The co-operative raised $10 million from member-investors using the community shares mechanism.

Taryn Lane – General Manager, Hepburn Wind

Taryn Lane joined Hepburn Wind at a critical
time in the communications phase of
the project and delivered industry best standards in community engagement.

2:20pm – 2:40pm Fonterra Case Study

Aaron will present an interactive Q&A style presentation on the Trading Among Farmers (TAF) share structure at the world’s largest dairy company, Fonterra Co-operative Group. TAF successfully facilitates external investment in the co-operative, whilst protecting ownership and control amongst its farmer shareholders.

Aaron Jenkins, Syndex

Aaron Jenkins was one of the designers of the Trading Among Farmers Fonterra share structure. He has also worked as Head of Markets and Head of Funds Management at NZX.

2:40pm – 2:50pm Q & A
2:50pm – 3:05pm Afternoon Tea
3:05pm – 3:10pm Introduction to round table discussion Antony McMullen – Facilitator, Co-operative Bonds
3:10pm – 3:40pm Green Brick Manufacturing Co-op capital raising exercise

Paul Curtis, Director of social enterprise Green Brick Manufacturing Co-op, will present the co-op’s business model and its capital needs. Participants will discuss, in groups, ways the co-op can raise capital, each group led by a panellist. This is an opportunity to explore in depth the various ways of raising capital in co-operatives, led by an industry expert.

Green Brick Manufacturing Co-op

Green Brick Manufacturing Co-op is licensed to build a new energy and cost efficient building insulation technology, which it will manufacture and market from its base in the Latrobe Valley. It is a social enterprise established to employ, train and mentor Australians who are disadvantaged in the employment marketplace.

3:40pm – 4:10pm Symposium wrap & take outs Antony McMullen – Facilitator, Co-operative Bonds


“In developing intergenerational self-reliance, co-operatives help to reduce welfare dependency… provide jobs for local people, offer goods and services and use procurement practices that support local business” – McClure Welfare Review report

Places are limited to 40 delegates

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