Graduate Certificate of Co-operative Organisation and Management

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The Newcastle Business School, Faculty of Business and Law is offering in the Graduate Certificate of Co-operative Organisation and Management. The due date for applying for admission to the Programme and the next course is 8th May. Trimester 2 will start on Monday 22nd May 2017.

The course offered in Trimester 2, 2017 is LEGL 6005 Co-operative Law and Governance. It compares and contrasts the co-operative business model with that of the corporation. And through four modules cover areas such as: Legal Identity, Management and Governance, Business Dealings and Reporting, Disclosure and Audit. This course is one of two specialised Co-operative Organisation and management courses included in the Graduate Certificate.

Please visit the website for further information and enrolment portal.

New students

For new students, please be aware that the process to enrol professional staff into a postgraduate programme is as follows:

  1. Submit an online application for admission at
  2. Upload the required supporting documentation with your online application. You will be required to provide:
  3. 100 points of identification
  4. Copies of previous educational qualifications (eg transcripts of previous university or TAFE qualifications)
  5. A detailed CV outlining any relevant professional experience
  6. Your application will be assessed by the University Admissions team, and you will be provided with an outcome and details of how to enrol in course(s) (subjects) for Trimester 2.

Applying for Credit/Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have completed previous postgraduate studies in a Business or Management discipline, you may be eligible to receive credit towards the Graduate Certificate program. You will need to submit a separate credit application, details can be seen at How do I apply for credit transfer?

Because the admission process for executive staff involves several application processes I would like to encourage potential students to start early to assemble documentation needed. In order for an application process for any of your executive staff to progress as smoothly as possible by our Postgraduate admission staff, you can also make contact with: Sam Doherty, Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator, email:

Please also notify and copy Dr. Sidsel Grimstad, Lecturer and Researcher, Programme Convenor Master of Co-operative Organisation and Management, Newcastle Business School, Faculty of Business and Law ( in so that she can support the application process if needed.

Continuing Students

For students who have already been admitted and taken some courses into the Graduate Certificate of Co-operative Organisation and Management, you will need to enrol in the specific course before the due date. Enrolment is completed online, and instructions can be seen at How do I enrol in a course?

Read Dr. Sidsel Grimstad’s article published in the latest Common Equity NSW, Newsletter for April (page 14).



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