Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation


The BCCM commissioned Mutuo (UK) in 2014 to undertake a blueprint for the development of the co-operative and mutual sector in Australia, based on consultation with the BCCM membership and the wider sector. The Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation outlines the tangible benefits of providing goods and services through member owned businesses and some of the specific steps government and the sector itself can take to support and grow this important part of the economy.

The Australian economy is facing some key challenges of productivity, competitiveness and resilience in the face of an ongoing shaky global recovery from the GFC. The co-operative and mutual AndrewCrane_2sector of the Australian business community can play an important part in dealing with those challenges and ensuring a strong, diverse and community focused economy.”
Andrew Crane, BCCM Chair & CEO, CBH Group

Download: Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation

The blueprint is divided into five sections providing policymakers with recommendations on how to fully utilise the potential of the co-operative and mutual sector:

  • Leadership through policy and fiscal measures
  • Improving the architecture of Government
  • Facilitating a deeper understanding and appreciationof co-operatives and mutuals
  • Modernising the rules and regulations governing co-operatives and mutuals
  • Extending mutuality to serve the public interest

In addition, the blueprint also outlines what co-operatives and mutuals should do to foster growth and encourage more co-operative and mutual enterprises.