2014 National Mutual Economy Report

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals 2014 National Mutual Economy Report explores the contribution of co-operatives and mutuals to the Australian economy. The report lists Australia’s Top 100 co-operative and mutual businesses and creates a benchmark for monitoring the performance of the sector over the coming years.

Co-operatives and member owned businesses are an under recognised sector of the nation’s economy. Australia has 1700 member owned businesses providing numerous benefits to their 13 million members. We are pleased to highlight the contributions of co-operatives and mutuals and the ways in which they excel in creating shared value by reinvesting all profits back into the economy through their members.
– BCCM Chair and B20 Member, Dr Andrew Crane

Incorporating the Top 100 and Executive Insights Survey

Download: 2014 National Mutual Economy Report

The Top 5 co-operative and mutual enterprises (by turnover):

  1. CBH Group (WA – $2.8 billion)
  2. Murray Goulburn Co-operative (VIC – $2.38 billion)
  3. HCF (NSW – $2.13 billion)
  4. HBF (WA – $1.27 billion)
  5. Capricorn Society (WA – $1.21 billion)

The Top 100 data is drawn directly from a study commissioned by the BCCM, which was undertaken by the University of Western Australia (UWA) and published separately in the UWA’s Australia’s Leading Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises 2014.

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