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BCCM reports

2017 National Mutual Economy Report Incorporating the Top 100
2017 | BCCM, University of Western Australia

The Size of Australia’s Co-operative and Mutual Sector
2017 | BCCM, University of Newcastle, Professor Morris Altman

Eliza’s Project: Gender Inclusion in the CME Sector in Australia
2017 | BCCM, PerCapita, Allison Orr

Accounting Standards and Co-operatives: Proposed Solutions to the Problem of AASB 132
2016 | BCCM, Duncan Wallace

2015 National Mutual Economy Report
2015 | BCCM, University of Western Australia

The inclusion of co-operatives by Australian governments in business development support
2015 | Linda Seaborn, BCCM

2014 National Mutual Economy Report
2014 | BCCM, University of Western Australia

A Comprehensive National Education and Training Strategy for the Co-operatives and Mutuals Sector
2014 | BCCM, University of Sydney

Sticky Money – Recognising the total value created by Australia Co-operatives and Mutuals
2014 | BCCM, EY

Public Service Mutuals White Paper
2014 | Net Balance Research Institute, BCCM

Public Service Mutuals Green Paper
2014 | Net Balance Research Institute, BCCM

Public Service Mutuals Delivering Social Services: Australian Case Studies
2014 | Net Balance Research Institute, BCCM

Co-operative economy

Australia’s Leading Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises in 2015
2015 | UWA Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit

Industrial and Service Co-operatives Global Report 2013-2014
2015 | CICOPA

The Hunt Review
2014 | Mutuo (UK)

Take Back the Economy: An ethical guide for transforming our communities
2014 | Community Economies Collective

Australia’s Leading Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises in 2014
2014 | UWA Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit

World Co-operative Monitor 2014
2014 | International Co-operative Alliance, Euricse

ICMIF Global Reputation Report, Oceania Summary
2014 | International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation

Providing clean energy and energy access through cooperatives
2013 | International Labour Organisation 

Co-operatives as a strategic network of small firms: Case studies from Australian and French co-operatives
2013 | Tim Mazzarol , Elena Mamouni Limnios, Sophie Reboud

The Co-op Future Leaders Index: Capturing the opinions and aspirations of Australia’s young minds
2013 | Greg Smith, The Co-op

Mutual Ownership Within Australia’s Top 500 Private Companies; the importance of co-operatives and mutual enterprises in Australia’s Top 500 private companies
Professor Tim Mazzarol, UWA Sustainable Cooperative Enterprise Research Program

Homegrown: The UK Co-operative Economy 2013 
2013 | Co-operatives UK

Resilience in a downturn: The power of financial cooperatives
2013 | Birchall, Johnston

International Co-operative Alliance Proof Points
2012 | Fenton

The Cooperative Enterprise in the Mediterranean
2012 | CEPES

Who knew Australians were so co-operative? The size and scope of mutually owned co-ops in Australia
2012 | The Australia Institute

Components of Successful Co-operatives: An analysis of formations over a 5 year period
2012 | NSW Fair Trading

Co-op Capitalism: A new economic model from the carnage of the old (Think Piece 6)
2012 | Noreena Hertz, Co-operatives UK

The UK Co-operative Economy – Britain’s Return to Co-operation
2011 | Co-operatives UK

Australia’s Top 100 Co-operatives, Credit Unions and Mutuals by Annual Turnover
2011 | Co-operatives Australia

Global300 Report 2010 – The world’s major co-operatives and mutual businesses
International Co-operative Alliance

The Mutuals Manifesto 2010
2010 | MUTUO

The UK Co-operative Economy – A review of Co-operative Enterprise
2010 | Co-operatives UK

Community ownership & social enterprise

A Right to Buy for the 21st Century
2015 | Social Economy Alliance (UK)

Community-based Asset Building
2014 | Gordon Nembhard Ph.D.

Social Investment Made Simple
2014 | Know How Non-Profit

Community Investment: Using industrial & provident society legislation
2013 | Jim Brown, Co-operatives UK

Shared Ownership in Practice
2010 | Office for Public Management

Delivering Community and Employee Buyouts
2003 |Co-operatives UK

Social Enterprise in Australia: An introductory handbook
2002 | Social Entrepreneurs Network
Part I&II | Part III

Co-operative capital

Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise FAQs
August 2018 | Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB)

Independent Facilitator Review Report on Reforms for Cooperatives, Mutuals and Member-owned Firms
July 2017 | Greg Hammond OAM, Independent Facilitator

Survey of Co-operative Capital
2015 | Michael Andrews, Filene

Co-operative Capital Units: A multi-purpose tool for co-operatives and mutuals operating within and outside the co-operative acts
2014 | Elena Mamouni Limnios & Tim Mazzarol, UWA Business School

Survey of Co-operative Capital
2015 | International Co-operative Alliance 

IMPACT – Australia: Investment for social and economic benefit
2013 | DEEWR, in collaboration with JBWere

Funding the future: Emerging strategies in co-operative financing & capitalisation strategies in co-operative financing & capitalisation
2012 | Deloitte

Co-operative Capital Units and Co-operative Principles
2007 | NSW Fair Trading

Public services

Next-Generation Social Care: The Role of E-Marketplaces in Empowering Care Users and Transforming Services
2015 | Institute for Public Policy Research

Community Land Trusts and Indigenous  communities: from strategies to outcomes
2015 | Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, University of Western Sydney

Competition Policy Review: Final Report
2015 | Professor Ian Harper

Social Co-operatives: a Democratic Co-production Agenda for Care Services in the UK
2014 | Co-operatives UK

Public Services, Co-operatives and Mutuals: Best practice guidance
2014 | Co-operatives UK

Many to Many: How the relational state will transform public services
2014 | Institute for Public Policy Research UK (IPPR)

Making it Mutual: The Ownership revolution that Britain needs
2013 | ResPublica

Social Housing: Made Mutual
2011 | Mutuo, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

Responses to the Global Economic Crisis – Resilience of the Co-operative Business Model in Times of Crisis
2009 | International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Innovative co-ops in the social services sector: A research study to benefit people with developmental disabilities and mental illness 
2004 | Co-operative Secretariat, Government of Canada

Start-up & business tools

EOA Co-operative Checklist
2015 | Employee Ownership Australia & New Zealand

Co-operative Business Structures in Australia
2014 | Mayweathers Lawyers

Starting a co-operative – one step at a time
2014 | HUIA C·D·S

Business Mapping and Needs Assessment – Co-operative Enterprises in Glasgow
2014 | Ekosgen

Co-operatives in Australia, A Manual
2013 | Regional Development Australia (Mid North Coast)

Cooperative Entrepreneurship: Cooperate for Growth
2012 | Co-operative Education Trust Scotland

Worker Cooperative Toolbox – A Guide to Co-operative Employee Ownership
2006 | Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCDF)

Co-operative in the 21st Century, The Co-operative Start-up Manual
2001 | Co-operative Federation of Victoria


Mutuality: Owning the Solution
2015 | Cooperative Futures: Oxfordshire Mutuality Task Force

The Mutuals Manifesto 2015
2015 | Mutuo

Cooperatives and Employment: a Global report
2014 | CICOPA 

McKinsey on Cooperatives
2014 | McKinsey and Company

21st Century Co-operative – Rewrite the rules of collaboration
2013 | Deloitte

It’s cooperation, stupid. Why Richard Dawkins, Thomas Hobbes and Milton Friedman got it wrong
2012 | Charles Leadbeater in partnership with Co-operatives UK & Institute for Public Policy Research 2012

Cooperatives Survey NZ
2012 | Horizon Research Limited

Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade: Our Storybook
2012 | ICA

NEW INSIGHT 9: Global Business Ownership 2012 — Members and shareholders across the world
2012 | Co-operatives UK

Co-operative and Mutual Business Leaders Summit Communiqué
2011 | Social Business Australia

Investing in Alternative Economic Futures’ – Dame Pauline Green, President International Co-operatives Alliance
2010 | Inaugural Social Business Australia Lecture, Parliament House Canberra