Aspire is a social enterprise dedicated to providing care and support for adults living with learning difficulties, disabilities and mental health.

The Aspire team is currently made up of approximately 300 support workers and 80 casual staff. It provides support through assisted living for over 800 people who have learning disabilities and or complex physical health needs.

The context for Aspire’s formation was financial stringency in the Salford Council around social care expenditure and a new policy to separate service delivery from commissioning. Aspire was the first to spin out from Salford Council in 2014 under the UK Mutuals Program. In its first four years, Aspire generated £1.2M of efficiency savings for Salford Council.

Vital business and legal advice were available to the staff group with £200K funded by the Mutuals Support program.

Aspire is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) with an asset lock operating as an employee-owned social enterprise mutual.

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