Editor’s note: The national impact of the crisis became more visible after the Treasurer’s economic update replaced the delivery of the Federal Budget yesterday. Treasury is anticipating a ten per cent fall in GDP across the quarter and a record deficit. Economic activity will return as social distancing restrictions begin to be lifted but the secondary repercussions of the crisis continue to disrupt members’ business. Trade-exposed members, particularly our agricultural producer co-operatives are feeling the brunt of volatile international relationships and are front of mind for BCCM this week. As we have been over the last months, BCCM is here to assist members with advocacy activities that support you and your members. Please do not hesitate to contact me to raise concerns or seek support for industry and business solutions. -Melina 



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BCCM will represent the sector at the weekly Supply Chain roundtable with the Minister for Industry on Friday. Provide any feedback on supply chain issues to Anthony Taylor by midday Friday. 



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