Editor’s note: The simple act of having a coffee in a café is within grasp today with the gradual lifting of lock down restrictions across the country. Northern Territorians have been granted the most lenient provisions. In other states, pubs and restaurants are limited to no more than ten patrons. At my meetings with Government this week advice for businesses on preparing COVID-safe working conditions has been disseminated. You can find a toolkit on the COVID-19 dedicated ACCI website. Government hopes these changes will help with the blow out in jobs figures announced by the Federal Treasurer in his economic update this week. -Melina 



RBA supports renewables as part of COVID recovery
RBA research found investment in solar and wind had supported employment in regional areas, with between 25% to 40% of project spending going to local suppliers or manufacturers.

Economists have warned that a fundamental shift in the Australian economy is on the horizon, with one in 10 Australians expected to lose their jobs in the aftermath of the pandemic

QLD businesses call for ‘outback’ status as restrictions ease

How will the Queensland Government’s $200m bid to save Virgin work?

Australians seek regional affordability as experts predict 30 per cent house price plunge




BCCM will represent the sector at the weekly Supply Chain roundtable with the Minister for Industry TODAY. Provide any feedback on supply chain issues to Anthony Taylor by MIDDAY TODAY.

BCCM will also represent the sector at the ACCC Small Business and Franchising Consultative Committee meeting this morning. Please provide any feedback on competition affecting your business by 10am to Anthony Taylor.



Planning tool to help businesses reopen and be COVIDSafe
The tool is designed to help businesses work through what they will do to keep people safe, how they will get their business back up and running and how they might adapt their operating model.

The pros and cons of taking super out early

Join our COVID-19 resources group on Linkedin
We’re sharing resources and advice to get through the business impacts of the outbreak. 

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