Editor’s note: Rising case numbers out of Victoria and worrying developments in parts of NSW are raising the prospects of increasingly tough public health orders in those states and between state borders. Our thoughts are first and foremost with Victorian members and their staff that are facing a prolonged lockdown. Uncertainty is becoming the new normal and I know from speaking to members that many are more adaptable now from the experience of the first wave. But as the duration of the crisis lengthens businesses are feeling different impacts and feeling them more and more deeply. BCCM remains and will continue to be a voice for the sector throughout the crisis. The crisis impact all of us differently we urge you to contact us when and if you need assistance.  -BCCM



Axing the coronavirus supplement in the jobseeker payment would push more than 650,000 Australians into poverty, according to research from progressive thinktank The Australian Institute.

Face masks will be mandatory across Melbourne as the state attempts to control a second-wave outbreak

WA implements new travel restrictions on NSW and Victorian travelers

From July 20, the number of passengers allowed per flight into Sydney drops from 50 to 30, pushing up the cost of one-way airline tickets

NSW will introduce a strict border zone with Victoria, restricting travel for health, education and employment only

Co-operation is key to getting Australia growing says National Farmers’ Federation boss



Financial reporting resources from the Australian Accounting Standards Board

Here’s what employers should do to ensure a COVID-safe office, and what employees can do if it doesn’t happen

Stress and employee workloads have surged in the shift to remote work during COVID-19, a reality that has battered trust levels between staff and bosses

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