Editor’s note: The importance of co-operatives to the Australian economy is underlined this week by the impacts of the trade disruptions with China. Agricultural commodities where co-operatives are systemically important exporters include red meat, barley, seafood and wine grapes. When a co-op is impacted, the flow on to local employment, local economies and foreign currency exchange is huge. I met with Treasury’s Coronavirus Business Liaison Unit this week to underline that fact. I have emailed members this week with the renewals for FY21. Your membership in the Council is critical to the work we do and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. – Melina.



NSW regional travel to be allowed from June 1

Industry minister, Karen Andrews, will today call on governments to streamline project approvals and foreshadow plans to develop a stronger manufacturing sector.

Superannuation fees will increase as a result of coronavirus: KPMG

Community Support, Collaboration Signal Resilient Future for Co-operatives
Co-ops are inherently set up for resilience, as they act with the best interest of the community in mind.

In the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians are dumping their private health insurance



BCCM will attend the weekly NSW Treasury Stimulus Taskforce meeting on Thursday. Provide any feedback to Anthony Taylor as soon as possible. 



Looking for mutual education during the lock down? This is the last chance to register for the first Mutual Value Measurement Masterclass. Or please register your interest here for future masterclasses if the dates does not work.

How to plan for the next crisis, because it’s not “if”, but “when”

Thermal body scanners, one-way corridors, and red and blue teams: This is how Australian companies are planning to return to the office

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