Editor’s note: The Minister for Industry recalled the war effort of Australian manufacturers in her address to the Press Club this week. One of the markers the Government has set for the road to recovery is to secure Australia’s economic sovereignty by building a stronger local manufacturing sector. Co-operatives and mutuals have a proven track record of providing essential goods and services in times of crisis. The BCCM has briefed the Minister and her department on the opportunities for co-operatives and mutuals for in-country, value added economic activity. More on that soon in our road to recovery plan.  – Melina.



Cooperatives and wider SSE enterprises respond to COVID-19 disruptions, and government measures are being put in place

Australian retailers just had their worst ever month, with the ‘unprecedented’ fallout far from over

Concerns continued early withdrawals of superannuation will damage the sector’s ability to invest in nation-building infrastructure

The Federal Government has announced a $500 million fund to help local councils stimulate their economies during the coronavirus pandemic.



BCCM will represent the sector at the weekly Supply Chain roundtable with the Minister for Industry TODAY. Provide any feedback on supply chain issues to Anthony Taylor by MIDDAY TODAY.



Gaining a customers trust is hard… fortunately Mutuals have a good track record

Co-operative conversations – new series hears the real stories from the farming frontline

COSBOA is offering grants to Australian small businesses adversely affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Grants will be offered as a ‘one off’ payment of $10,000 (including GST) to 67 businesses across Australia.

Financial reporting deadlines further extended for listed and unlisted entities

3 Steps To Become A Forward Thinking Leader In Times Of Change: Free Webinar 

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