Just in: Non-essential services to close from midday Monday– A major crackdown on gatherings will see the closure of indoor venues, including pubs, clubs, sporting and religious venues from midday today in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Read the press release from BCCM about our advocacy for our members following the announcement. 


New coronavirus lockdown measures are coming into force
Under the new measures, cafes and restaurants will be able to operate, but only to offer take away and delivery services.

Victoria shutdown to be enforced by police
Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a special taskforce of 500 police to enforce a shutdown of non-essential venues and businesses in Victoria.

Update- Federal Government’s Economic Response 
The Government acknowledged that we are experiencing a fast-moving situation and that the economic shock will be deeper, wider in its extent and for a longer period than envisaged earlier.


The price of fresh food has increased threefold in some places as the coronavirus spreads
The ACCC says it cannot do anything to prevent “excessive pricing”, but says it is illegal for businesses to make “misleading claims” about price hikes

The businesses that will buck the downturn in the coronavirus pandemic
Health businesses and technology services are expected to be some of the most resilient during the outbreak, while supermarkets are doing well in the short-term before panic buying slows.

Coronavirus will renew calls for responsible capitalism
Companies getting help in crisis should consider what they can do in return 


COVID-19 Employer Guide from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Managing the workplace in the face of the outbreak


Covid-19: We need the co-op identity more than ever
The world is ‘shifting under our feet’ but the values and principles of the co-op movement offer stability concern for community, solidarity, mutual support

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