COVID-19: What you need to know today

Editor’s note: Let’s help each other. The PM has announced another ramp up of lockdown provisions. Working together can help to meet some of the challenges of running businesses under COVID-19 measures. Do you need legal advice on COVID-19 or help to audit your risk and compliance measures? Do you need support as an employer on the appropriate measures for moving your workforce to working from home? Does your insurance cover you in a pandemic? Turn to the BCCM Member Directory to find a professional advisor with expertise in co-operatives and mutuals. Or email me with the advice you are seeking and I can make a confidential referral. We’ve also created a LinkedIn group for BCCM members to share resources and offers of assistance. -Melina 

Just in: On Tuesday evening the PM announced that real estate auctions and open houses, markets, personal services including beauty salons, food courts in shopping centres, arcades, amusement parks, play centres, community centres, health and fitness, social sport, cultural institutions and swimming pools will all be closed. Here’s a full reference list of everything open, closed and restricted. Also, the Tokyo Olympics has been postponed until 2021. 


If you’re worried about how your business or household will lose financially, this is what you are able to claim in the government’s survival package 
The BCCM survival guide will be up on the website later today here. 

The ACCC is on the lookout for bad behaviour 
Businesses that refuse to offer refunds due to the coronavirus crisis, or continue to charge for shutdown services, will come under the scrutiny of a special taskforce set up by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 



Booze takes back seat as distillers turn hands to sanitiser production
As coronavirus spreads some distillers are turning to another type of alcohol product.

‘Ugly’ fruit and vegetables hit top shelf to meet demand 
Consumers can expect some different-looking fruit and vegetables in the aisles as COVID-19 demand forces supermarkets to relax specifications.

Dow Jones surges as US Senate prepares to unleash trillions in coronavirus stimulus


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What remote working means for your tax return
If you are having to work remotely, you could be able to claim a deduction for expenses relating to your work

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