Editor’s note: We celebrated International Day of Co-operatives on Saturday, as part of the global solidarity movement with our colleagues and members across the world. Co-ops and mutuals serve more than 1.2 billion members globally with the work, services and affordable products needed to sustain life. The Director General of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Guy Ryder has issued a statement highlighting the interconnectedness of human health, environment and the economy. – Melina.  



Health authorities in Victoria are desperately trying to quash the “explosive potential” of a COVID-19 outbreak across nine public housing towers in Melbourne from escalating into a city-wide crisis

Some states and territories are further relaxing coronavirus restrictions from July. Here’s what’s changed. 

Global tourism revenue could fall by up to $US3.3 trillion 



COVID-19 Small Business Hub is now live on the Safe Work Australia website. The hub brings together information, resources and tools to help small businesses to manage the risks arising from COVID-19.

Trust in virtual teams: how to build it and maintain it 

Be careful what you claim at tax time when working from home. There are capital gains tax risks 

Why you’ll probably no longer travel for business 
A new survey suggests work trips will become an unintended casualty of COVID-19 and leaders need to adapt their thinking about flexible working. 

Zoom, Teams or Google Meet? The experts decide 

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