Mutual Value Measurement

Consultancy for individual co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs)

‘As values-based businesses, the greatest challenge for co-operatives and mutuals, is to let our values shine. That’s why the BCCM teamed up with researchers at Monash University, our members and the CME sector, to find a new way of measuring our positive impact on our members, our customers, the community and the economy.’


Our consultancy service is designed through a 4-step package that can help you as a mutual leader to understand the tool, apply it to your firm and begin to take advantage of it.

In the current social distancing environment, it can all be delivered via video conferencing and online methods.


Step 1 – Baseline review of business

  • Desktop review of the firm’s stated purpose, annual reports, marketing documentation etc
  • Consider the application of MVM criteria to existing practice


Step 2 – Online Workshop with key leaders/stakeholders to go through MVM tool

  • Introduce MVM and reporting framework
  • Go through MVM reporting items, discuss individually
  • Using MVM – Test purpose, strategy & marketing against criteria of MVM


Step 3 – We Produce a ‘Mutual value report statement’

  • We will make an assessment of how the mutual is performing against MVM reporting items
  • A written statement, which could be used to communicate to employees, clients, partner organisations and suppliers, the mutual’s chosen approach to mutuality
  • We will share a draft report of this assessment with the mutual


Step 4 – Consider feedback and finalise statement

  • We will consider feedback from mutual
  • Finalising statement and providing report with recommended plans, drawing on case studies of different mutuals’ approach to each MVM criterion
  • Deliver final Mutual Value report to mutual


Potential add-ons/ follow up work:

  • Plans to leverage mutuality for ESG investments
  • Developing Membership strategies
  • Matching governance structures to mutual purpose
  • Stakeholder engagement plans

The Mutual Value Measurement (MVM) framework and related material was developed by the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) in partnership with Monash University's Monash Business School. All intellectual property and rights are vested with BCCM and Monash Business School and any use of this material should only be done with the express authorisation of BCCM and Monash Business School.

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