Formed in 2006, this not-for-profit, member-owned co-operative provides affordable medical and healthcare services to communities in the ACT and regional NSW. The NHC aims to significantly reduce instances of preventable diseases and lessen the personal and societal impact of chronic conditions.

The NHC formed in response to a lack of GPs in the north-west Canberra region of West Belconnen, a suburban area of 20,000 people. Medical practices had progressively closed in the area and there was a general shortage of GPs across Canberra. From its start-up phase operating one clinic in West Belconnen, NHC now operates nine clinics including a recently opened large three-story clinic on the Australian National University campus under a multi-decade partnership with the university. Significant to the NDIS, these clinics have expanded to include allied health services. The business model of NHC lends itself to the characteristics of thin markets which are often not attractive for other providers.

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