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Common sense has died along with truth and trust

‘And compounding the problems, the decline of mutuals and co-operatives — which may have had too few incentives to operate efficiently, but equally had few incentives to enrich themselves at their members’ expense — deprives those who have little ability to look after themselves of what was once a reasonably safe and simple choice, as does the shrinking role of charitable providers in aged care.’

‘Reg-tech’ reduces barriers to co-op creation

The BCCM has developed two new applications to its reg-tech constitution builder, so would-be co-ops can create correct legal governance structures for the three financial models used by co-ops – distributing, non-distributing, and non-distributing with shares.

In Praise of the Mutual

Melina Morrison, has spoken up in defence of the humble Mutual – asking: “Would we be in this position, had the respective institutions never demutualised? While we will never know … it seems unlikely.” 

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