Australian Bushfires

The co-op and mutual family are ready to support communities impacted by the bushfire crisis that is devastating much of the country.


Co-operatives and Mutuals businesses, employees and community members are encouraged to donate to support Australian communities withstand and recover from the Australian Bushfire Crisis.

The Australian Mutual Foundation has launched an appeal that many Australian and International Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises are getting behind. Donate to the Australian Bushfire Appeal.

Your support for this appeal and charity partner Vinnies is really appreciated.

International Donations to co-operatives impacted by the Australian Bushfires

The BCCM has been heartened by the solidarity shown by the international co-operative movement with Australian Co-operatives and their local communities impacted by the fires.

International Co-operatives and Mutuals that want to donate to support Australian co-operatives and their local communities impacted by the fires to recover and rebuild, can donate to the Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF) bushfire appeal.

  • Donations can be made by credit card
  • When making your donation, under the Member of menu item please identify your organisation by selecting the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals if you wish to specifically support Australian co-ops.
  • If you wish to donate using a SWIFT code please email BCCM Chief Operating Officer, Reece Kinnane ( .

Please email Reece if your international co-operative makes a donation. We can ensure your donation is shared with local co-operatives in affected communities and will report back to you on the impact of your donation.

Donate to other organisations are also running appeals providing invaluable services to affected communities and to help them rebuild:

Donate to support the volunteer fire services of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Donate to support Australian environmental recovery and wildlife protection with WWF.

Co-op and Mutual Response – Share your Story

Co-ops and Mutuals are embedded in local, and often regional communities, and some may be directly impacted by the fires. Many co-ops and mutuals are already leveraging their local connections to support communities to manage during the crisis and to recover and rebound in the aftermath.

We are a community of enterprises committed to co-operation and mutual support. Throughout this crisis, we will continue to work together to support each other and our community.

Please complete the form below to share your stories about the bushfire crisis so we can work together to assist those impacted.

BCCM wants to know how your community has been affected by these devastating bushfires, how the CME community can assist and what action is already being taken to support impacted communities. BCCM will share this information with our membership.


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