COVID-19: Your Council working for you to overcome challenges

We’re taking action on COVID-19 (Coronavirus), making sure that the interests of co-operatives and mutuals continue to be represented in a challenging business landscape.

We’ve been hearing many stories about how businesses are supporting communities to cope during these difficult times. Of course, helping our members is business as usual for co-ops and mutuals!

Indeed, our business models have real advantages compared to corporates: we’re more adaptable, faster to move and able to cut operating costs more easily because we’re not having to answer to distant shareholders.

Here’s what else co-ops and mutuals are doing:

  • proactively managing emerging supply chain risks
  • working hard to re-activate markets and keep cash flowing to member businesses
  • calling on their members to support the communities being impacted by coronavirus

BCCM has attended briefings by senior cabinet ministers and is participating in an industry roundtable on emerging supply chain impacts of coronavirus, hosted by Minister Karen Andrews (Minister for Industry, Science and Technology).

  • We highlighted that BCCM members come from across the economy, so the impacts on co-ops and mutuals are not uniform.
  • We highlighted potential impacts on supply chain and export-market-exposed members.
  •  We noted that 146,000 SMEs are supported by the sector through co-op, so problems facing co-ops create much wider impacts.

The main message from members is that the threat to business is not immediate, but looming

The Minister is looking for business support to reduce the panic around the virus.

Government Assistance for coronavirus impacts: What it means for co-ops and mutuals

Read about the latest Commonwealth and State Government measures.

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