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BCCM welcomes Treasury Laws (Mutual Reforms) Act 2019

BCCM worked with Government and businesses across the mutual sector to help develop this new legislation that improves the business environment for federally registered mutuals.   This legislation achieved bi-partisan support, showing the importance of these...

Australian Federal Election Policy

Since the last General Election, Co-operatives and Mutuals have enjoyed new and welcome bi-partisan political support at a federal level. But there is much more to do to ensure that these important businesses can play a full role in our economy and society and help to build a fairer Australia.

BCCM welcomes landmark changes for mutuals

Cooperatives and mutuals reforms unanimously supported in a win for customers, choice and competition. Mutuals recognised in the Corporations Act, have greater access to capital raising mechanisms and given flexibility to operate on a fairer playing field.

BCCM congratulates Gladys Berejiklian on her NSW Election win

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) congratulates Gladys Berejiklian and the Liberal party on its win in the NSW elections.  It also thanks the Liberal party for its letter of support prior to the election and looks forward to working with new state leaders to create a fairer economy for co-ops and mutuals.

Franchising Inquiry report released

The findings and recommendations from an extensive Parliamentary inquiry into the franchising sector have been released. BCCM used a submission and appearance at a public hearing to highlight the clear differences between member-owned co-ops and investor-led franchise systems operating in similar markets.

NSW State Election: Co-operatives Policy

The BCCM has called on the NSW Government and Labor Party to commit to working with the Federal Government to ensure the inclusion of State registered co-operatives in the national business modernisation programme.

Minister for Mutuals backs legislative reform

Yesterday, Treasury Laws Amendment (Mutual Reforms) Bill 2019 had its first and second readings in the upper house. Federally registered co-ops and mutuals are a step closer to the passage of this Bill through Parliament with bipartisan support.

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