Common Wealth

Common Wealth asks: What changes when stakeholders have an actual stake.

This topic is alive with potential.

  • Shared Ownership: The rising interest in Neo Mutuals, Platform Co-ops and local Co-operatives
  • Exit 2 Community mechanism: Founders and VC using “community buy-outs” as an alternative to trade-sales or IPO’s
  • Investors: Financial innovations are enabling aligned and impactful investment

Day 1 – 27 February 2020

Stakeholders with an actual stake impacts day-to-day operations, governance, local economic development and changes the process for investors.

The Common Wealth event will highlight 16 credible speakers.  That will share case studies and their personal experience in a TEDx style short talk.

You’ll learn about the various issues at each stage of initial capital raising, growth funding, large capital funding and community-led buy-outs (exit 2 community).

Who might be interested in this event

  • Investors / Advisors
  • Customers / Users
  • Suppliers / Providers
  • Employees
  • Locals / Neighbours / Rate Payers
  • Members of Co-operative / Enterprise Coalitions / Mutuals
  • Academics and Policy Makers

Socialising may occur post-event.

Day 2 – 28 February 2020

A series of strictly limited Round Tables will be held on Day 2 (28/2/2020).

9:30am – 11:30am: The CFIA (Crowd Funding Institute of Australia) is hosting an industry-centric, equity crowdfunding round table with licensed platforms and regulators.

12:30pm – 2:30pm: The BCCM (Business Council of Co-ops and Mutuals) is hosting an industry discussion on Co-operative and Mutual Innovation.

3:00 – 5:00pm: Ethical Fields is hosting a round table centred on the creation of Sydney Commons Lab.  This proposed “civic institution” would promote commons-development, support with policy recommendations and provide a network for commons-oriented initiatives.

Each RoundTable has a maximum capacity of 40 people.

Socialising may occur post-event.

Keynote Speakers

Greg Patmore, Emeritus Professor of Business and Labour History, University of Sydney

Melina Morrison, CEO, Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals

Event Details

Date:       27–28 February 2020

Time:      9am – 5pm

Venue:    UTS Business School, Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, 14–28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

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