Co-operatives of farms and fishing producers

Help to maintain the domestic ownership of strategic food assets, increasing food security for Australians

Australian co-operatives are domestically owned, unlike their listed competitors which may be bought by overseas investors.  Co-operative ownership ensures that the production of strategic food assets remain in the control of Australians.

Help to generate significant export earnings

Agriculture and fishery co-operatives are net exporters, making a positive contribution to Australia’s balance of trade.

Facilitate independent Australian farmers to compete by providing access to markets

Agricultural co-operatives are groups of independent small businesses, who are working together to provide logistics, marketing and infrastructure in order to access markets in ways that they cannot alone.

Facilitate economies of scale by enabling individual businesses to jointly own and control their supply chain

Family owned farms invest in road, rail and sea transportation operated through their co-operative, to ensure that their produce gets to market in as cost effective a way as possible.

Enable smaller farmers and fishermen to stay in business and remain independent

When independent businesses co-operate in this way, they can meet global competition from large corporates head on.

Maintain a traditional way of life whilst providing economic growth to strengthen Australia’s regions

Individual farm businesses all contribute to their regional way of life, maintaining business presence and contributing taxes through the success they generate from their co-operative membership.

Spread wealth back to farmers through produce rebates and profit sharing

Co-operatives are not set up to maximise profits – instead they share wealth equitably among their farmer members in proportion to their contribution to the co-op.

Co-operative Farming Logo

Farmers, fishers and foresters can visit Co-operative Farming for information and resources to support them in setting up or growing a co-operative.


Almondco Australia Ltd logo

Almondco Australia Ltd

Almondco Australia supplies premium quality almond products to the world. It processes and markets the crops of more than 80 per cent of Australia’s almond growers. Almondco is grower-owned and operated and produces more than 100 different almonds varieties.

Year established: 1944

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture

Ballina Fishermens' Co-operative

Ballina Fishermens’ Co-operative

Ballina Fishermen’s Co-operative is owned by 26 independent fishers. The co-operative exists to get the best possible seafood price for members.

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture

Clarence River Fishermen's Co-operative

Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-operative

The Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-operative (CRFC) has over 130 members, all professional fishers, who supply fresh seafood products all year round. By creating a co-operative and investing in shares in the cooperative, fishers built one of the regions most well recognised industries. Today the co-operative directly contributes to the livelihoods of hundreds of local families, through the efforts of its members.

Year established: 1945

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture

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