Community and Human Services

Charities, Non-profits, Social Enterprise and MUTUAL SOCIAL CARE PROVIDERS

Are a new expression of public interest ownership

Mutuals are focussed on the services they exist to deliver, affording a direct relationship between service providers and users, rather than through public authority bureaucracies or private sector operators.

Participative ownership builds trust and confidence in service providers

By engaging staff and service users directly, mutuals provide a voice for all stakeholders, ensuring that services are co-produced and trusted by all.

Enable staff to reach their full potential

Employee owned mutuals deliver superior business performance because employees tend to be more entrepreneurial and committed to the enterprise and its success.



Australian Scholarships Group

ASG was established by a group of parents passionate about giving their children the best start in life through education. It offers a range of options to plan for the costs of education through contributions by members which are invested by fund managers.

Year established: 1974

Type: Mutual

Industry: Community and Human Services


Supporting Independent Living Co-operative

Supporting Independent Living Co-operative (SILC) is a hub to support families to develop their own independent housing models under the NDIS. Its aim is to assist families to connect and create sustainable homes and life experiences for their family member living with disability. SILC is a registered NDIS provider.

Year established: 2016

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Community and Human Services

The Co-operative Life

The Co-operative Life is a financially sustainable, employee owned co-operative. It provides support services to adults of all aged groups who have mild, to very complex and multiple disabilities, people who live with chronic disease or are  frail and elderly. The Co-operative Life motivation is based on the fundamental premise that engaged employee-owners deliver a higher quality of care and support than traditional forms of home care service provider.

Year established: 2013

Type: Worker Owned

Industry: Community and Human Services

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