Housing Co-operatives

Are affordable housing providers

In Australia and overseas, housing co-operatives have been effective financial managers of housing for decades because tenants have a sense of ownership and control in their management.

Provides decent homes for key workers and first time buyers

Housing co-operatives develop affordable housing to deliver new dwellings for key workers and other moderate income earners.

Pools people’s resources and build strong communities

The long-term involvement of tenants with their homes and their community is beneficial to people providing a sense of place and commitment. In addition, the skills developed in operating their own enterprise assist with confidence building that often leads to employment and a more varied income stream.

Put tenants in control of their homes

In addition to social benefits, housing co-operatives can deliver services effectively and efficiently while increasing consumer choice and control


Co-operation Housing

Co-operation Housing

Co-operation Housing is a not-for-profit Australian public company established by the Federation of Housing Collectives (FOHCOL), with the aim of supporting and growing the housing co-operative sector in Western Australia. It is a registered community housing provider with the Western Australian Housing Authority, and the only registered community housing provider in Western Australia that specialises in housing co-operatives.

Year established: 2010

Type: Customer Owned

Industry: Housing

Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) logo

Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL)

CEHL is Victoria’s largest Housing Association and is both a provider and developer of affordable housing. CEHL empowers people with co-operative housing models to build strong communities.

Year established: 1985

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Housing

Common Equity Co-operative Housing logo

Common Equity NSW

Common Equity provides overall asset management of properties for housing co-operatives. It also provides training and resourcing for the co-operatives, negotiating and servicing of borrowings for growth, and is responsible for overall program administration and monitoring.

Year established: 1985

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Housing

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