Motorist CLUBS

Roadside assistance mutuals

Focus on providing a diverse range of affinity services to their members

Motoring clubs are the largest member organisations in Australia.  They exist to protect and enhance the lifestyle of their members by providing a wide range of services and products.

Provide motorists emergency services

Motoring clubs are like an additional emergency service – providing security for their members wherever they travel in Australia.

Advocate for the interests of motorists and promote road safety

Mutuals advocate for the interests of their members – more government funding for better roads, fairer licensing for older drivers, fairer petrol prices, greener motoring, standing up for young motorists and safer cars.


NRMA logo

National Roads & Motorists’ Association (NRMA)

The NRMA is Australia’s largest member organisation, providing a range of services including roadside assistance, International Drivers Licences, car reviews, a diverse range of motoring, travel and lifestyle benefits, as well as various products and services.

Year established: 1920

Type: Mutual

Industry: Motorist Clubs

RACQ logo


RACQ is a motoring mutual which offers services and products, including roadside assistance, travel, finance and insurance to its members. It has been a leading advocate on transport and fuel affordability for all Queenslanders for more than 100 years.

Year established: 1905

Type: Mutual

Industry: Motorist Clubs

RAC WA logo


RACWA is a motoring mutual and offers a wide range of services to its members, including roadside assistance, travel and insurance. It is a leader in driverless vehicle technology, and has launched the first fully autonomous, electric shuttle bus on public roads.

Year established: 1905

Type: Mutual

Industry: Motorist Clubs

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