Setting up a co-op

To assist the growth and development of co-operatives, we have various resources and services available which provide an overview of the key steps involved in setting up a co-operative or mutual. The information provides guidance for consumer, producer and enterprise co-operatives.

Get Mutual

Get Mutual, an initiative of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals, is a self-help website to provide information and resources on setting up and running a co-operative. Get Mutual has case studies, toolkits, reports, resources and links to supportive organisations to help you get started on your co-operative journey. The website includes case studies from four co-operatives:

The website also includes a step-by-step guide on how to set up and run a co-operative and a guide explaining Public Service Mutuals. The website hosts a range of resources including manuals, research and reports, templates, toolkits, videos and websites.



Farming Together

The Co-op Builder is an online, a step-by-step tool for creating the legal documents required to set up a co-operative in Australia. It consists of a Constitution Builder to help prepare the rules for a commercial co-operative, and a Disclosure Statement Builder, which helps users prepare the co-op equivalent of a prospectus for potential members and investors.

The Co-op Builder developed was developed by BCCM for Farming Together, a federally funded, two-year pilot to enhance the expertise available to farmers wanting to establish agricultural co-operatives.

There are also free learning modules for start-up co-operatives developed by the BCCM for Farming Together.


BCCM Services and Associates

Whether you are a long-standing mutual enterprise or a local community considering forming a co-operative, the BCCM can help you get appropriate advice. We assist governments, organisations and communities to set up and run effective co-operative and mutual organisations. 

BCCM also works with a range of trusted industry associates who understand the co-operative and mutual model of enterprise. They have expertise in:

  • Co-operative development
  • Legal and governance
  • Membership engagement
  • Advocacy and lobbying

For more, see our Support and Advice page.

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