BCCM Honour Roll

Recognition of Outstanding Service

The BCCM champions service to the co-operative and mutual sector by honouring leadership and commitment to the industry. Each year outstanding leaders are inducted to the BCCM Honour Roll at the annual BCCM Taste of Australia Industry Dinner and presented with a handcrafted BCCM pin.

Annual nominations are open to BCCM Member organisations.

Email Carmel Butler for details on nomination criteria and application process.

Nominations close at midnight Friday 30 August 2019.

The 2019 Honour Roll inductees will be announced on Thursday 21 November at the Taste of Australia Industry Dinner held at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.

The BCCM acknowledges and recognises those leaders in our sector who have made a significant and long-standing contribution to co-operative and mutual enterprises and the advancement of the sector both here and around the world.

You may nominate a leader who is retiring in 2019, who you believe, should be credited with making a significant contribution to the sector.

Nomination Process and Timeline

To honour one of your peers who is retiring from the industry, we ask that you nominate by Friday 30 August 2019.

Accepted nominations will be notified and requested to submit supporting documentation to the BCCM by Friday 20 September 2019.

Please note: Late nominations will NOT be accepted.

Qualities of a BCCM Honour Roll Recipient



A fixed or strong belief in co-operative and mutual principles



Personal commitment and devotion to promoting successful co-operative and mutual enterprises 



The ability to open a new line of thinking, or doing business in new ways



The feeling of allegiance to the mission and values of the CME sector 



Acting with less concern for the self than for a co-operative or mutual, or the CME sector as a whole 



The ability to see and articulate the optimal future of a co-operative or mutual business or the CME sector as a whole

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2018 Honour Roll inductees

The 2018 Honour Roll inductees were announced on Wednesday 14 November at the Taste of Australia Industry Dinner held at the Adelaide Town Hall.

Greg Wall

Greg Wall

Group CEO, Capricorn

For over 30 years Greg has been driving overwhelming success to a number of institutions including 10 years as CEO of StateWest Credit Society Ltd, Managing Director of Home Building Society and executive roles at Challenge Bank, to name a few.

He has held a variety of significant and relevant directorship, non-executive directorship and leadership roles across many industries. Notable experience includes five years as Director of CUSCAL (the Australian Credit Union peak body), and non-executive director positions at Edith Cowan University, Automotive Holdings Group, WA Football Commission and as Chairman of Freo Cranes and Machinery.

Greg also played a major part in the international celebrations of cooperatives as Chairman of the International Year of Cooperatives Secretariat. Following on from this success, he was instrumental in the formation of the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals in Australia and is now a director.  Recently, he was elected to the International Co-operative Alliance, the global peak body for the co-operative movement.

Greg holds a Master of Arts Future Studies, is a Fellow of Australian Institute of Company Directors and FINSIA and also attended the CEO Institute at Berkeley and Cornell Universities in the USA.

Michael Pilbrow

Michael Pilbrow

Founding Director, National Health Co-op

Michael Pilbrow’s involvement in the cooperative movement started at the grass-roots, when in 2004 he and others took action to address the shortage of medical services in their community.  The group formed a cooperative in 2006 and, under Michael’s chairmanship, the first clinic was opened in 2010 in Charnwood, ACT.  The National Health Cooperative, a bulk-billing medical practice, which is owned by its members, has expanded to 10 locations, in the ACT and the town of Yass, NSW.  Michael demonstrates what is possible when the community comes together to solve its own problems. The NHC is a shining example of the co-operative and mutual enterprise model and its continued relevance in contemporary Australia. 

In 2018, Michael stepped off the Board after 14 years of voluntary involvement.  Over this time, Michael has also helped other cooperative initiatives in areas such as sport, aged care and agriculture, and has encouraged the cooperative spirit in the business sector as President of the Yass Valley Business Chamber.

Michael also founded and runs a business, Strategic Development Group, based in Yass and Bulli, which was the 2018 Far South Coast Outstanding Employer of Choice in the NSW Business Awards. 

Nigel Alexander

Nigel Alexander

Director, RACQ

Nigel Alexander is Chairman of RACQ Insurance Limited and Club Insurance Holdings Pty Ltd, and Chair of the Group Remuneration and Nomination Committee. Nigel is also President of the Australian Automobile Association and Region 2 (Asia Pacific) Treasurer of the Federation Internationale De L’Automobile and Chairman of UnitingCare Queensland. He is also a director of QIC Agribusiness Holdings Pty Ltd and various private companies. In 2016 he retired as CEO of The North Australian Pastoral Company Pty Ltd.

He is an agribusiness specialist and qualified accountant and has previously worked in corporate finance roles with both Australian and international banks.

Peter Whitelaw

Peter Whitelaw

Chairman, QTMB (RACQ)

Peter Whitelaw was one of the first to support the vision for RACQ Bank and the merger of RACQ and QTMB. He understood that together the group could achieve things for members that neither organisation could do on its own. Peter was focused on getting the best result for his members, regardless of personal cost. He led QTMB through the merger with RACQ because he was committed to acting in the best interest of his members, both current and future. He fought to ensure they remained a sustainable mutual providing a community banking experience supporting the education sector and that is why he chose to partner with RACQ. Peter is a great supporter of mutuality and has left a lasting legacy at RACQ Bank.

Peter led Queensland Teachers Credit Union as it became a mutual bank 2011, and then remained Chair as QT Mutual Bank merged with RACQ in 2016.

Rob Goaley

Rob Goaley

Chairman, HCF

Rob Goaley has been the Chairman of the Board at The Hospital’s Contribution Fund of Australia Limited since November 2012. Rob served as the Chairman of Manchester Unity Australia Ltd since 2007, Chief Executive Officer since 1987 and General Manager since 1980. Rob has extensive experience at executive and board level in the provision of private health insurance, friendly society benefit and investment products, along with the provision of aged care and retirement services.

Rod served as Deputy Chairman of Manchester Unity until November 2007. He is a board councillor of The Hospital’s Contribution Fund of Australia Limited. He has been a Non-Executive Director at The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia since 2009. He served as a Director of Manchester Unity since 2001. He was a Director of the Australian Health Insurance Association, Australian Friendly Societies Association and the Australian Health Services Alliance.

Karren Walker

Karren Walker

Chairman, Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL)

Karren Walker was elected to the Board of Directors at Common Equity Housing Ltd in 2005, and has been Chair of CEHL since 2009. She has been an active member of her Housing Co-operative since 1988.  Karren has significant experience in the delivery and management of client-focused service responses to those experiencing homelessness and other at-risk households in our community. Karren is currently Manager – Entry Points at Launch Housing where she holds a portfolio including three Homeless Entry Points, Families Support and Rough Sleeper programs.

Rod Geer

Rod Geer

Former CEO, Hospitality Employers Mutual (EML)

Since Rod began working at Hospitality Employers Mutual, the company has grown dramatically. The newest in the Workers Compensation Specialised Workers Compensation Insurance space, EML now covers almost 90,000 hospitality workers. Rod fostered a culture of empathy and mutual support for workers and employers, benefitting workers through efficient and proactive case management, and employers through reduced premiums, free resources and advice. As CEO at EML, Rod’s experience in underwriting, reinsurance and all aspects of personal injury management proved invaluable, and he continues to work for EML on a variety of projects and advisory work.

Terry Agnew

Terry Agnew


A founding BCCM member, Terry Agnew first served as a director in 2015. Since 1998 he has been the CEO of RAC WA, a member-owned business covering motoring, insurance, finance, travel, tourism, retirement and home services, with revenue exceeding $640 million and assets of $1.6 billion. Terry is a director of Australian Motoring Services (including subsidiaries), the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Edge Employment Solutions, MDA National Insurance and RAA Insurance, and various other directorships including the West Coast Eagles Football Club and the Insurance Commission of WA. Terry was West Australian State President of Committee for the Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) from 2001-2003 and AIM National President from 2008–2010. Since 2008, he has been the Chair of the Curtin Business School Advisory Council.

Anne O’Donnell

Anne O’Donnell

Chair, Beyond Bank

Anne joined the Beyond Bank Australia Board in 2006 and was appointed Deputy Chair in 2010 and Chair in 2013. She was formerly a Director of CPS Credit Union Cooperative (ACT) Limited.  She is a professional Non-Executive Director and her current directorships include Equity Trustees Ltd and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. She is also a member of the Compliance Committee of UBS Global Asset Management (Australia) Ltd and the Chair of the Audit Committee of IP Australia. Anne has extensive experience in the ADI and funds management sectors.

Her past executive roles include nine years as the Chief Executive Officer of Australian Ethical Investment Ltd and some 20 years with the ANZ Banking Group Ltd. She is a Senior Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of the Australasian Mutuals Institute.

Anne is a Director of Eastwoods Group Limited, Eastwoods Wealth Management Pty Ltd and Beyond Bank Australia Foundation Limited. She is also a member of the Board Governance and Remuneration Committee and is the Chair of the Nomination Committee.

Watch 2017 Honour Roll Video

Honour Roll Presentation highlights

2017 Honour Roll inductees

Mr Alan Beanland

Mr Alan Beanland

Outgoing CUA Chair

Chairman of Credit Union Australia since 2009, Alan will retire from the board on November 14, 2017. As a mutual, CUA was created by members for members, tracing its heritage back 71 years to Australia’s first credit union.

Alan’s business life spans four continents, four decades and industry sectors including financial services, superannuation and life insurance, in for-profit, mutual and charity organisations.

CUA Director Paul Bedbrook said of Alan: “Alan took CUA from a distant past and into the digital present, always looking forward. When he was appointed to the Board as the independent Chairman in 2010 soon after the merger of CUA and Australian National Credit Union, he successfully brought the combined board together as one. He clearly had a vision for a bigger, better and more able CUA that would one day be naturally compared to the large second-tier banks. He realised that it would be a good thing for Australian consumers if the mutual credit union sector became larger, positioning itself as a major and credible alternative. He also realised that this was essential if the credit union sector itself was to survive and prosper in the long term. He dedicated himself and worked long hours to moving CUA and the sector towards this vision. Well done Alan! You will be missed.”

Dr Andrew Crane

Dr Andrew Crane

Outgoing CBH Group CEO 
and BCCM Chair

Andrew has worn a number of hats – outgoing CEO CBH Group, Australia’s third-largest privately owned businesses, and chair of BCCM, Australia’s newest business council.

In 2009, Andy was appointed CEO of CBH, and has taken it from strength to strength, while remaining loyal to WA grain growers through his commitment to the co-operative structure.

There are numerous highlights during Andy’s tenure, but key ones include:

  • Introduction of rebates returning to grain growers $333 million
  • CBH’s investment in rail, prompting the introduction of competition for the first time in the WA grain rail-freight market
  • The purchase and investment in the overseas company Interflour, which recently opened a $75 million malting plant in Vietnam – the only of its kind in South-East Asia
  • Launched a $750 million transformational network strategy
  • Improved safety for all CBH employees – nearly a 75 per cent drop in CBH’s lost time injury frequency rate since 2009.
  • Andy’s chairmanship of the BCCM has been instrumental to our sector’s extraordinary success and growth

No gig has been too big or too small for Andy to be willing to bring for BCCM’s benefit the leverage and credibility CBH carries as one of our largest co-operatives and the second-largest privately owned business in Australia – a genuine global player.

Andy’s leadership of the first national apex body for co-ops and mutuals has been recognised internationally, at co-operative and local assemblies. Andy has displayed great leadership and vision to ensure Australian co-operatives (and the international co-op movement) take a seat at the B20.

CBH Chairman Wally Newman said: “Andy has made an enormous and significant contribution when it was most needed during his time at CBH. His dedication, passion and leadership have been critically important in helping to successfully navigate CBH through a number of situations and initiatives, and in building the organisation to the largest co-operative in Australia.”

Incoming BCCM Chair Terry Agnew said: “Whether it has been representing Australia as the first co-operative business leader appointed to a B20 group at the G20 negotiating table, or chairing a small leaders’ roundtable, Andy has always displayed the same charming, courteous and collegial approach. He’s been a champion for the sector all the way and BCCM’s growth and credibility in five short years attests to this.”

Mr Kyle Loades

Mr Kyle Loades

Outgoing NRMA Chair

Our third inductee is Kyle Loades, appointed as a Director to the NRMA in 2005 and then Chairman of the NRMA Group in 2014.

Kyle has led NRMA innovation processes through a time of extraordinary change for mobility, transforming the organisation and setting the example for others, particularly in disruptive strategy and start-ups. Kyle was part of the team responsible for the NRMA Governance Review that has had such enduring positive results.

A Director and past Deputy President of the Australian Automobile Association, the peak body for Australian automobile clubs, Kyle is also a Board Member of the Committee for Sydney.

Kyle has a special interest in the delivery of emergency services and community infrastructure, and is Chairman of Hunter Medical Research Institute and past Chairman of its Foundation. He was a Director of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service for 16 years.

Kyle has championed this new sector collaboration from the outset, strongly promoting NRMA’s involvement in BCCM as one of the foundation members. Kyle has been a regular contributor to the BCCM’s CME 100 Chairs’ Forum, strongly supporting NRMA’s involvement in the BCCM’s review of the draft Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise Governance Principles.

NRMA Director Tim Trumper said, “I’d like to recognise Kyle Loades for 12 years of amazing service to the board and for the last three as Chairman. Kyle has performed an excellent role in leading the NRMA to such a brilliant result and in shaping such an exciting future for all our members.”

NRMA CEO Rohan Lund said: “Kyle’s passion for our business and members meant he couldn’t ignore the headwinds or the horizon and needed to make hard decisions while there was still time. It has been such a privilege to work for someone who brings both a relentless commitment to do what’s right and who is genuinely a good bloke as well.”

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