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BCCM members are leading Australian co-operatives and mutuals from all industries, including peak bodies and household names in agriculture, health, housing and education. Many started because the market couldn’t adequately meet community needs, and some have existed for more than 150 years. 

BCCM members provide employment across regional and metropolitan Australia, cementing fairness and equity in market supply chains. Co-operatives and mutuals support their community beyond donations and sponsorships – for every dollar spent, it’s estimated 76 cents is recycled within the local community.

BCCM Members


Almondco Australia Ltd

Almondco Australia supplies premium quality almond products to the world. It processes and markets the crops of more than 85 per cent of Australia’s almond growers. Almondco is grower-owned and operated and produces more than 100 different almonds varieties.

Year established: 1944

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture

CBH Group

Co-operative Bulk Handling

CBH is Australia’s biggest co-operative, entrusted with 85 percent of Western Australia’s annual grain harvest for storage, handling and transportation. Almost as old as the WA grain industry itself, CBH’s bulk handling system has worked in partnership with WA grain growers as the backbone of the State’s rural economy. CBH is controlled by its 4,200 active grain grower members and exists for their benefit and the advancement of the grain industry in Western Australia.

Year established: 1933

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture


Geraldton Fisherman’s Co-operative Ltd

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co‑operative supplies premium-quality Western Rock Lobster to customers across the globe. GFC’s members, fishing along a thousand kilometres of WA coastline, take pride in their Brolos brand, motivating them to catch and produce the world’s best rock lobster product.

Year established: 1950

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture

Northern Co-operative Meat Company (NCMC)

Northern Co-operative Meat Company

The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd (NCMC) is Australia’s largest meat processing co-operative. Its members are Australian farmers and businesses excelling in the paddock-to-plate philosophy.

Year established: 1933

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture

Yenda Prods

Yenda Producers Co-operative Society Ltd

The Yenda Producers Co–operative provides its farmer members with comprehensive farming products, services and farming advice from a team of highly trained and experienced agronomists and horticulturalists.

Year established: 1925

Type: Producer Owned

Industry: Agriculture, Retail and Marketing

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