Advisory services for co-ops and mutuals

BCCM Advisory

Consulting services for Australian and International CMES

The BCCM works to improve the business environment for co-operatives and mutuals. Individual firms have the opportunity to benefit from this work and take advantage of the new policy, legislative and regulatory environment this creates. Our advisory services can help all co-operatives and mutuals to benefit from their member-owned status. Our trusted consultants bring world leading practice to your co-operative or mutual, drawing on their experience working with the best member-owned businesses across the globe.

Mutual capital consultancy that identifies opportunities for raising additional investment in the business and helps firms to prepare to take advantage of recent legislative reforms.
Corporate strategies that make a virtue of your mutual status and ensure the interests of key stakeholders are appropriately represented to ensure that the business obtains the maximum benefit from their engagement.
Membership management and communications services that demonstrate the benefits of firms’ unique mutual business purpose.
Public affairs and Government engagement strategies that build relationships and improve communications with key decision makers.

The BCCM Advocacy App is a template for your co-op or mutual sector to get its message out. We’d love to help you develop a similar App in your country.

Services will be provided by and under the direction of our world leading team including Peter Hunt, Melina Morrison and Kyle Loades.

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