Advisory services for co-ops and mutuals

Government Relations

Public affairs and Government engagement strategies that build relationships and improve communications with key decision makers.

Individual businesses will naturally work with their peak bodies and fellow co-operatives and mutuals. But the first priority has to be the interests of their own members; public affairs activity at the level of the firm should be a key part of the overall business strategy.

Working with government, politicians and regulators requires specialist skills and BCCM consultants have advised many large member-owned firms on how to maximise the value of this activity.

Our advice includes:

  • Strategic audits of existing in-house and subscription-based public affairs activity
  • Development of public affairs plans with clear strategic objectives and a roadmap for delivery
  • Synchronising public affairs with public relations work
  • Project based consultancy, for example on legislative change
  • Ideas for maximising political contact programmes
  • Profile building for businesses and senior executives

BCCM consultants work to improve the business environment for co-operatives and mutuals. We have a distinguished track record in political advocacy. Our energy and experience have delivered unrivalled results for mutuals in many countries. We have: 

  • Improved and updated the legislative environment for mutuals
  • Influenced policy in all major political parties
  • Articulated the relevance of long-standing mutual business
  • Advised Governments of various political parties

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