What we do – AN OVERVIEW

The BCCM works hard to identify and remove barriers to fair competition and innovation for Australian CMEs by improving awareness of the important contribution of these businesses to the economy and community.

Many of the BCCM’s greatest successes have come from the strong relationships we build with influencers in Australia and internationally.

We work with governments, regulators and policy makers like the Productivity Commission, Treasury and ASIC to ensure that policy and legislation work for co-operative and mutual businesses.

We work closely with the ACCC so that discussion about competitive markets includes the co-operative and mutual business model.

We work with the AASB so changes to accounting standards don’t have a negative effect on member businesses.

We work with universities, professional bodies, AICD and the Governance Institute of Australia to make sure that courses in law, accounting, commerce and governance include the co-operative and mutual business model.

In 2015 and 2016 we advocated for and steered a Federal Senate inquiry into the sector’s contribution to the economy, so members could speak directly to lawmakers. The BCCM leveraged this momentum to secure:

Infographic on BCCM work: Infographics, government & advice hearings, industry relevant education & resources, reports on and for the sector, tertiary education & research guidance requests, new set of governance principles, free online tools & compliance checks.

The BCCM worked with project partners to reform capital-raising opportunities through the Hammond Review. This has paved the way for capital-raising opportunities for mutual businesses – another Australian first by the BCCM.

Giving businesses the choice to operate as a co-operative or mutual needs the regulatory regimes to fit. The BCCM has successfully delivered:

  • CME Governance Principles, in conjunction with the CME 100 Chairs’ Forum
  • Advocacy for an interjurisdictional committee for implementation and refinement of the Co-operatives National Law
  • A number of submissions – with our members – to government inquiries that led to amended legislation to level the playing field
  • The BCCM leadership, and its members, are highly sought after in the international community. We regularly lead discussions at international conventions, and recommend appropriate members for these conversations.

The BCCM uses four strategic goals to advance co-operatives and mutuals in Australia:

  1. Voice: We advocate for the interests of the co-operative and mutual sector to political parties, the government and regulators.

  2. Choice: We influence change to market circumstances affecting our sector so co-operatives and mutuals can compete on a level playing field.

  3. Growth: We spread the message about the co-operatives and mutual benefit by producing reports and publications, developing resources for all levels of the education system, and via our media engagement.
  4. Co-operation: We hold events so that our members can network, share best practice and build partnerships with leading co-operative and mutual firms delivering vital services.

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