The BCCM curates national and international study groups to enhance collaboration and learning in the sector. BCCM’s study group clients include co-operative and mutual businesses, governments, non-profit organisations, consultancy organisations and researchers.


The BCCM in conjunction with Professor Emmanuel Josserand at the UTS Centre for Business and Social Innovation (CBSI), have launched a research report CoopConnect: A Coop Eco-System to enhance connectivity and promote innovation in the Cooperative Enterprise sector.

This report presents CoopConnect, an initiative to transform the co-operative and mutual enterprise (CME) sector by creating an innovative environment that will leverage their distinctive capabilities. CoopConnect also proposes a branding collaboration supporting CMEs to broadcast their distinctive position as community oriented, sustainable and socially responsible enterprises. This study identified the following common challenges and opportunities for innovation in CMEs in Australia:

  • CMEs are (unfairly) perceived as lacking innovation
  • A need for more awareness of CMEs by consumers and potential business partners
  • A need to improve connectivity between CMEs
  • The challenge of talent acquisition, both in hiring staff (who may have misconceptions about salary or working conditions) and attracting board directors
  • The challenge and opportunities in starting a CME

As part of the CoopConnect project, three focussed workshops will be run to provide industry consultation on three emerging ideas for enhanced industry collaboration and business development:

  1. Communication and branding
  2. Entrepreneurial and financial ecosystem
  3. Innovation and business market place

Past Study Groups

In 2018 the BCCM hosted a study group to the UK visiting leading public service mutuals and an East Coast Study Tour to disability, aged care, housing and health co-operatives.

In December 2018, The South Australian Department of Industry and Skills created an opportunity for a select group of service providers and change-makers from South Australia to learn more about how co-operatives and can help transform the NDIS and aged care through innovation and new business models. The tour was curated and led by the BCCM. View the East Coast Co-operatives Look and Learn Study Tour.


2018 East Coast Study Tour

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