BCCM has developed the following tools to assist in developing and running co-operatives and mutuals.

Get Mutual

It’s time to Get Mutual

Get Mutual is a self-help website to provide information and resources on setting up and running a co-operative.

Get Mutual has case studies, toolkits, reports, resources and links to supportive organisations to help you get started on your co-operative journey. We want to inform and educate people about this important economic sector.

Co-op Directory

Find a Co-op

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals’ Australian Co-operative Directory allows you to search for any Australian co-operative and discover their name, co-operative type, industry, website, contact information and when they were founded. There are over 2100 co-ops in the directory.

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Governance Principles

The BCCM has published edition 1.2 of the Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) Governance Principles, incorporating recommendations, guidance and commentary for effective member-focussed governance. Edition 1.2 adds commentary on new trends and issues for CMEs that have emerged since the publication of edition 1.1.

Edition 1.1 of the CME Governance Principles was published in July 2018 following an 18-month development and consultation process in partnership with the CME 100 Chairs’ Forum, members and governance experts.

Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) Governance Principles
Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise (CME) Governance Principles - Notes for smaller co-operatives and mutuals

Mutual Value Measurement (MVM)

As values based businesses, the greatest challenge for co-operatives and mutuals, is to let our values shine. That’s why the BCCM has teamed up with researchers at Monash University, our members and the CME sector, to find a new way of measuring our positive impact on our members, our customers, the community and the economy.

Mutual Value Measurement is a framework for measuring the value we create, that aligns with our values.

Co-op Builder

The Get Mutual Co-op Builder is a FREE step-by-step tool to help all groups prepare and understand the legal documents required to form a co-operative in Australia.

Initial development of the Co-op Builder was funded by the Federal Government through the Farming Together Pilot Program. It is adapted and published under licence from the Southern Cross University. 

The Farming Together Co-op Builder is for farming or primary producer co-operative in Australia. The Co-op Builder developed was developed by BCCM for Farming Together, a federally funded, two-year pilot to enhance the expertise available to farmers wanting to establish agricultural co-operatives. There are also free learning modules for start-up co-operatives developed by the BCCM for Farming Together. 


Get Mutual website

Co-operative Farming

Co-operative Farming is an 18-month project designed to support farmers, fishers and foresters through the formation of new farming co-operatives and to foster the resilience and growth of developing farming co-operatives, including those formed under the Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program (Farming Together)

The Co-operative Farming Project provides:

Advice and information hotline: we will gather initial information and then arrange for a 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and provide advice on resources available to support farmers, fishers and foresters.

Series of virtual information sessions, virtual roundtable discussions and virtual interviews with Q&A. These online activities will be delivered in an accessible format for farmers, fishers and foresters regardless of their location.

Farm co-op mentoring program

Financial support through educational bursaries program

Co-operative Farming interactive website with educational assets including tools, resources and course modules.

Get Mutual website

Disability Inclusion Toolkit

Disability inclusion in the workplace is an important issue for all Australian businesses. As CMEs, we are closely connected to our communities through our membership. This connection is strengthened when our workforce reflect the diversity of the community. Although we recognise the imperative to drive positive change in the lives of people with a disability, we may not understand the sound business case for inclusion in the workforce and the proven benefits of employing and retaining workers with diverse abilities. Understanding this business case, and how to lead your organisation to greater inclusivity can position CMEs as ‘employers of choice’ for people with disabilities.

The Disability Inclusion Toolkit on Get Mutual includes:

Digital Disability Inclusion Toolkit on the Get Mutual website


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