What is the BCCM?

What is a Co-op?

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2020 National Mutual Economy Report

2019 National Mutual Economy Report

BCCM Webinars

Co-operatives National Law for Queensland co-operatives with BAL Lawyers

CoopConnect: Innovation and Collaboration in the CME sector

Introduction to Co-operative Capital – Robyn Donnelly

Accessing debt-finance: communicating with your lender – Bank Australia

What are CCUs and how do we use them? – Rohan Clarke

Raising millions with the humble member share – Taryn Lane

Green Brick Manufacturing Co-op – The Business Case

Fonterra and Trading Among Farmers share structure – Aaron Jenkins

BCCM Campaigns

International Women’s Day 2019

Measure the CME sector’s social and economic value

Measuring social value with Damian Walsh

Measuring social value with Prof Mathew Hall

Measuring social value with Rohan Mead

Measuring social value with Terry Agnew

BCCM-BAL Lawyers Introduction to Co-operative Law

The requirements of Annual General Meetings

How do members make decisions in a co-operative?

Requirements for co-operative Board Meetings

When does membership end?

What is Active Membership?

The role of the Director

Co-operatives and Capital – an introduction

Shares, debentures and co-operative capital units

Distributing co-operatives and surplus

Disclosure Statement requirements for co-operatives

BCCM 2019 Summit Videos

Announcement of Commonwealth funding for Farmer Co-ops

Mutual Value Measurement – Measuring what matters to CMEs

2019 BCCM Leader’s Summit Welcome – Dr Andrew Leigh MP

2019 BCCM Leader’s Summit Welcome – Kevin Hogan MP

Welcome Address – Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie, Minister for Agriculture

Closing Remarks – P&N Bank CEO Andrew Hadley

BCCM Favourites

Be proud of your co-operative identity

Choose a co-op

The co-operative – The story of the revolution

Is your super in good hands?

‘Reimagine work’ with Leeds Bread Co-op | The Hive

Cooperative alternatives to the sharing economy

Social enterprise legal models

Melina Morrison-Sowing the Seeds: Cooperativism for a New Economy

Greg Hammond OAM-Let’s talk about Mutual Capital Instruments (MCIs)

2019 Legislation for Mutuals

Dr Andrew Leigh MP and Melina Morrison

Senator Briget McKenzie, Melina Morrison and Sally Mackenzie

Senator Zed Seselja, Melina Morrison and Sally Mackenzie

Senator Chris Ketter and Melina Morrison

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