Business Council of Co−operatives and Mutuals

The BCCM is the peak body for co-operatives and mutuals in Australia. Co-ops and mutuals are member-owned businesses that trade for surplus to fulfill their purpose. They are social businesses because they put people, not profit at the centre of the enterprise.

Leading the Resilience

Our report on the response of Australian co-ops and mutuals to the COVID-19 pandemic staying true to their purpose of serving their members.

2021 National Mutual Economy Report

Annual report on the size and contribution of the Australian co-op and mutual sector provides a yearly update on the health of the sector.

Fightback Farmers

Fightback Farmers: Feeding Australia Together follows the fascinating journey of Aussie primary producers as they battle to save their businesses from the brink of disaster. Watch on ABC iview.

Current campaigns


Blueprint for Australia

Our policy guide for a sustainable economy that works in the interest of all Australians.


Action to Empower: Social Care Mutuals Report

Action to Empower is our campaign to empower consumers and carers in social care markets to take back control through business model innovation.


Co-operative Farming

Future-proofing Aussie farmers through paddock to plate supply chain control.

Upcoming events & training

17 August 2021

Co-operative Financials and Governance for Accountants and Legal Practitioners (4.5 CPD)

This three day course is designed to equip accounting and legal practitioners with the relevant knowledge to be able to advise clients on setting up and running effective co-operative businesses.
25 August 2021

An introduction to co-operatives and mutuals

August 2021: A program for employees of co-operatives and mutual businesses developed to ensure a consistent level of knowledge across the CME sector.
1 September 2021

MVM Virtual Masterclass

Express your interest to attend the September 2021 Mutual Value Measurement (MVM) Virtual Masterclass led by Dr Paul Thambar (Monash Business School).
8 September 2021

Global Mutual Leaders’ Symposium

The Global Mutual Leaders’ Symposium will bring together mutual business leaders from Australia and the UK, to share their experience of leading major mutual businesses and will focus on how CME...

Latest news

26 July 2021

Farming co-op’s soaring success

The Northern Territory’s biggest date farm has recorded a bumper harvest.
19 July 2021

National attention drives local business

The documentary that’s educating more Australians about a little-known business model in Victoria’s Myrtleford and Alpine regions is driving more business to the area.
Meld Studios team
19 July 2021

Australia’s first company owned by an employee ownership trust

Meld Studios has announced that it was transitioning ownership from its three founders to an employee ownership trust.

Latest videos

play videoFightback Farmers: Feeding Australia Together

Fightback Farmers: Feeding Australia Together

New ABC documentary featuring local heroes showing why co-operative farming could be a solution for modern agriculture and its communities
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2021 National Mutual Economy Report

The 2021 National Mutual Economy Report measures the size and the performance of the Australian co-operative and mutual sector.
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Co-operatives in Northern Rivers NSW

Thousands of people and businesses collaborate in co-operatives in Northern Rivers NSW, to bring $2.4 billion to the regional economy.

Latest research

This report examines the nature of company boards’ understanding and familiarity with the concept of social responsibility and the importance of their corporate footprint being open to scrutiny.
This report focusses on the potential contribution of co-operatives and mutuals to innovation and reforms in aged care and disability services, informed by Australian experiences and a BCCM study tour...
For communities who want to work together to build an enterprise that serves their needs and aspirations. Updated 2021.

Case studies

Australia’s largest fishing co-operative, formed by a small group of Western Australian rock lobster fishermen.
Bank Australia became the first mutual bank in Australia in 2011 when it secured a banking licence.
Kudos client and staff member playing Connect 4 game
Kudos is Australia’s first public service mutual to form from a government agency, operating in the NDIS.

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