The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals supports the Queensland Government’s move to adopt Co-operatives National Law (CNL) with the introduction of Co-operatives National Law Bill 2020.

If the legislation is passed by the Queensland Parliament, it will bring to fruition a nationally-harmonised scheme of legislation regulating co-operatives Australia-wide.

Melina Morrison, BCCM’s CEO, said, “by adopting the nationally uniform legislative and administrative regime, Queensland will become a more attractive location to start and grow co-operative enterprises.

“Existing co-operatives already operating in Queensland will also benefit through the reduced costs that flow from uniformity of regulation across jurisdictions.

“This legislation will make co-operatives more competitive with companies, encouraging the formation and growth of more, Queensland-based co-operative businesses.

“As member-owned enterprises they are rooted in local communities and have a particular focus on supporting local jobs and local small businesses. Supporting community-led economic development is a social purpose embedded in the structure of all co-operatives.

“The BCCM, on behalf of Queensland co-operatives, recommends the Queensland Parliament pass the Co-operatives National Law Bill 2020 without delay.

“We have been advocating for these changes on behalf of our members and the wider sector for many years. As the last jurisdiction to come into the national scheme, Queensland’s adoption of this legislation cannot come soon enough for the large and small co-operatives serving people in every corner of the State.”

The benefits of adoption of Co-operatives National Law by Queensland are outlined in BCCM’s submission to the Exposure Draft Bill and Regulations.

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