Members of the BCCM include leading Australian co-operatives and mutuals from a wide range of industries. From agriculture and health and insurance to housing, banking and education, our member organisations range from small businesses to some of the largest players in their sector. Some of our member co-operatives and mutuals have been operating for more than 150 years and delivering exceptional service to their communities.

BCCM members provide employment across regional and metropolitan Australia, cementing fairness and equity in market supply chains. Co-operatives and mutuals support their communities beyond donations and sponsorships: for every dollar spent, it’s estimated 76 cents is recycled within the local community.

Find out how you can become a member of the BCCM.

Almondco Australia Ltd

Almondco Australia supplies premium quality almond products to the world. It processes and markets the crops of more than 80 per cent of Australia’s almond growers. Almondco is grower-owned and operated and produces more than 100 different almonds varieties.

Year established: 1944
Industry: Agriculture

APS Benefits Group

The APS Benefits Group is a mutual which offers financial, legal and insurance products and services to more than 30,000 members and clients Australia-wide.

Year established: 1905
Type: Mutual

Australian Military Bank

Serving Australian Defence personnel and their families since 1959. Australia’s longest-serving Defence financial institution, Australian Military Bank is dedicated to helping those who protect and serve our community, by providing its members with quality service, low fees and competitive interest rates.

Year established: 1959

Australian Mutual Bank

Australian Mutual Bank was created as the result of the 2019 merger between Endeavour Mutual Bank and Sydney Credit Union. Member benefits include equally sharing in the success of the organisation through competitive rates, minimal fees and exceptional customer service.

Year established: 1953

Australian Unity

National healthcare, financial services and independent and assisted living organisation for over 175 years. Australian Unity has over 7,000 employees providing services to nearly a million Australians.

Year established: 1840
Type: Mutual

Bank Australia

Bank Australia’s history includes those of many credit unions which came together to form the bank that exists today. Most recently for people working in the education sector, it now offers services to all Australians. It emphasises positive community and environmental outcomes as core, not incidental.

Year established: 1957

Bank First

Bank First was born when a group of 48 educators came together to form a financial institution that placed a value on what people did for the community – not simply by how much money they made. The member-owned bank is now open to all Australians.

Year established: 1972

Bank of us

Bank of us is Tasmania’s only customer-owned bank with more than 31,000 customers, eight branches statewide and more than $1 billion in assets. Bank of us offers a comprehensive and competitive range of banking products and services designed to meet all personal and business banking needs.

Year established: 1870


BankVic provides financial support to the Victoria Police and members of the health, emergency and public service sectors. It is committed to ‘banking with heart’ – building healthy communities that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Year established: 1974

Beyond Bank

Beyond Bank is a customer-owned bank open to all Australians. It also works closely with not-for-profits and community organisations and supports their initiatives through fundraising, donations and volunteering.

Year established: 1977

Capricorn Society

Began in 1970 when 12 West Australian service station owners combined purchasing power to level the playing field with multinational oil companies. Capricorn has over 22,000 Members and 2,500 Preferred Suppliers across Australia and NZ. Its business support includes equipment finance, travel services and business protection.

Year established: 1974

CivicRisk Mutual

CivicRisk Mutual is a mutual of NSW councils. It is self-managed, self-funded and owned and operated entirely by members for risk management regarding public liability losses.

Year established: 1988
Type: Mutual

Co-operative Bulk Handling

Australia’s biggest co-op, entrusted to store, handle and transport 85 percent of WA’s annual grain harvest. CBH in partnership with WA grain growers is the backbone of the State’s rural economy. Owned and controlled by approx. 4,200 WA grain growing businesses, CBH’s core purpose is to sustainably create and return value to growers.

Year established: 1933
Industry: Agriculture

Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL)

CEHL is Victoria’s largest Housing Association and is both a provider and developer of affordable housing. CEHL empowers people with co-operative housing models to build strong communities.

Year established: 1985
Industry: Housing

Common Equity NSW

Common Equity provides overall asset management of properties for housing co-operatives. It also provides training and resourcing for the co-operatives, negotiating and servicing of borrowings for growth, and is responsible for overall program administration and monitoring.

Year established: 1985
Industry: Housing

Community First Bank

Community First Bank is a community-based credit union with 15 financial services stores across Sydney, the Central Coast and the Northern Beaches. It aims to be an integral part of the communities in which its members live and work.

Year established: 1959

Defence Bank

Defence Bank was originally formed for Australian Defence Force service members, but now serves the broader community around Australia as well. Defence Bank is one of Australia’s larger member-owned banks.

Year established: 1975

Employers Mutual

Employers Mutual is a member-owned insurance fund which provides for the claims and related injury management needs of employers and workers. Employers Mutual, through the Mutual Benefits Program provides the tools, resources and support for employees injured at work, and helps employers create safe workplaces.

Year established: 1910
Type: Mutual

Employsure Mutual Limited

Member-owned discretionary mutual open exclusively to Employsure clients, offering services including employment relations and health and safety consultancy. Offers protection to over 27,000 members, covering legal representation and liability arising from employment relations and health and safety claims.

Year established: 2011
Type: Mutual

Futurity Investment Group

Futurity Investment Group (formerly known as ASG) was established by a group of parents passionate about giving their children the best start in life through education. It offers a range of options to plan for the costs of education through contributions by members which are invested by fund managers.

Year established: 1974
Type: Mutual

G&C Mutual Bank

G&C Mutual Bank is a different kind of bank, built around a big idea – It’s your bank, because you own it. Every one of G&C’s members is an owner with a voice and a say in the bank’s future. G&C Mutual Bank makes responsible, ethical decisions and reinvests profits to benefit its members and the community.

Year established: 1959
Type: Mutual

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative Ltd

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co‑operative supplies premium-quality Western Rock Lobster to customers across the globe. GFC’s members, fishing along a thousand kilometres of WA coastline, take pride in their Brolos brand, motivating them to catch and produce the world’s best rock lobster product.

Year established: 1950
Industry: Agriculture

Go Vita

Go Vita is Australia’s largest health food retail group, committed to making a difference in its local communities with ethical, quality products and honest health advice.

Year established: 1987

Great Southern Bank

Great Southern Bank (formerly CUA) offers financial and insurance products and services to over 560,000 members. Through a long and proud history and the amalgamation of more than 160 credit unions, GSB has become a major player in the financial services sector in Australia.

Year established: 1946


HCF is an award-winning health insurance fund with more than 1.6 million members nationwide. It uses its profits for the benefit of its members, delivering the lowest premium increases of the major funds. HCF is Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer.

Year established: 1932
Type: Mutual


HIF began in 1954 as the Western Australian Government Railways Employees Hospital and Medical Benefits Fund, changing its name in 2010 to reflect its increasingly nationwide membership. Multi-award winning, not-for-profit health fund championing an ethical, member-focused approach to health insurance.

Year established: 1954
Type: Mutual

IMB Bank

IMB is a member-owned bank with a growing branch network throughout Illawarra, Sydney, the NSW South Coast, ACT and Melbourne. The IMB Community Foundation was established in 1999 and since that time has provided over $10 million to support more than 700 community projects.

Year established: 1880

Independent Liquor Group (ILG)

Australia’s largest liquor co‑op. Member owned business working to obtain the best service and benefits for its members. ILG is committed to providing choice and flexibility to service its member’s diverse business models through its banner groups: Fleet Street, Bottler, Super Cellars, The Liquor Co-op, Clubmart and Pubmart.

Year established: 1975


KeyInvest is a mutual Friendly Society originally emanating from the IOOF (SA) which was established in 1878. Today, KeyInvest is a provider of retirement, finance and investment services, predominantly in Investment Bonds and Property, including developing and managing Retirement Villages.

Year established: 1878

Kudos Services

Kudos Services is Australia’s first employee-owned public service mutual, with a focus on empowering children, young people and their families to live their best lives.

Year established: 2018


The single provider of approved professional indemnity insurance to law practices in NSW, and insures practices in the ACT, NT, and national firms with a presence in NSW. Independent subsidiary of The Law Society of NSW, and Australia’s only ‘profession-owned’, licensed and APRA regulated insurer of the legal profession.

Year established: 1999
Type: Mutual

Master Butchers Co-operative (MBL)

MBL was formed in 1905 by South Australian butchers to service the meat industry. Members consist of retail and wholesale butchers, supermarkets, smallgoods manufacturers, abattoir operators, boning room operators, and seafood and poultry manufacturers and retailers mainly in South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Victoria.

Year established: 1905

MDA National

MDA National is an Australia-wide Medical Defence Organisation that provides member support services and extensive professional indemnity insurance. It is a member-owned mutual that exists solely to support and protect members and promote good medical practice.

Year established: 1925
Type: Mutual


MIPS provides member first protection, support and advice to doctors, dentists, oral health and nuclear technologist and healthcare students.

Year established: 2004
Type: Mutual

National Roads & Motorists’ Association (NRMA)

The NRMA is Australia’s largest member organisation, providing a range of services including roadside assistance, International Drivers Licences, car reviews, a diverse range of motoring, travel and lifestyle benefits, as well as various products and services.

Year established: 1920
Type: Mutual
Industry: Motoring

Norco Co-operative

Australia’s largest 100% farmer-owned dairy co-op, owned by its member suppliers who operate Australian dairy farms. Norco recognises the value that its co-operative structure brings to all of its members and its communities. Doing business since 1895, Norco is proud of its heritage and passionate about its future.

Year established: 1895
Industry: Agriculture

P&N Bank

P&N Bank originated in Western Australia in 1990 from the merger between a police and nurses credit union. It is now open to all Western Australians and is the state’s largest member-owned bank.

Year established: 1990

People First Bank

People First Bank is Australia’s largest customer-owned banking organisation, created by the merger of Heritage Bank and People’s Choice Credit Union in March 2023. The new organisation offers a compelling national alternative to the listed banks.

Year established: 1875

Police Bank

Police Bank is a financial mutual serving the needs of the policing community, offering a range of financial products and services. Originally registered as NSW Police Credit Union in 1964 with just 60 Members. Today, Police Bank has grown to be one of the biggest and most successful mutuals in Australia.

Year established: 1964

Queensland Country Bank

Originally a credit union for Isa Mine employees, Queensland Country Bank is today, available to all Queenslanders. As a customer-owned institution, community development and personal growth are core to the Bank’s activities.

Year established: 1971


RACQ is a motoring mutual which offers services and products, including roadside assistance, travel, finance and insurance to its members. It has been a leading advocate on transport and fuel affordability for all Queenslanders for more than 100 years.

Year established: 1905
Type: Mutual
Industry: Motoring


RapidClean is owned by cleaning supply experts operating their own stores. It provides customers with the support of a national organisation while providing a local service, offering a single source, cost-effective one-stop-shop solution. Their stores stock all the major brands of industrial, commercial and environmentally friendly products.

Year established: 1988

Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA)

RAA is a motoring mutual delivering emergency roadside assistance and touring. Founded in 1903 by 15 motoring enthusiasts, RAA now provides an extensive range of services to more than 750,000 members.

Year established: 1903
Type: Mutual
Industry: Motoring

SGS Economics and Planning

SGS Economics and Planning is an urban policy and public policy consultancy and certified B Corp (Benefit Corporation). As an employee-owned business with high standards of accountability and transparency, it plays a critical role as independent and trusted advisors to the governments and organisations that shape Australia’s cities and regions.

Year established: 1990

StateCover Mutual Limited

StateCover Mutual is a specialised insurer, supporting the workplace risk needs of NSW councils and other local government entities.

Year established: 2001
Type: Mutual

Teachers Mutual Bank

Teachers Mutual Bank has provided key financial services to Australian educators throughout its existence. It is committed to strong standards of corporate responsibility through community investment and ethical business and has been recognised as one of the world’s most ethical companies.

Year established: 1966

The Barossa Co-op

The Barossa Co-op is one of the largest and longest-standing retail customer co-ops in Australia. It is not only a successful business, supplying retail products and services to its members and community, but also creates financial, human and social and relationship capital for its members, suppliers and the business.

Year established: 1944

The Casino Food Co-op

The Casino Food Co-op, formerly The Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd, is Australia’s largest meat processing co-operative. Its members are Australian farmers and businesses excelling in the paddock-to-plate philosophy.

Year established: 1933
Industry: Agriculture

The Mutual Bank

A member-owned bank offering industry-leading service and award-winning financial products to the Hunter Region. Established in 1888, The Mutual Bank has a long history of helping local people and small businesses to achieve their financial goals whilst supporting local employment and grassroots community organisations.

Year established: 1888
Type: Mutual

The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT)

Formed in 1923 to represent the interests of Tasmanian motorists. RACT provides a range of motoring services, insurance, tourism and travel products as well as exclusive member benefits. With a vision to enhance life in Tasmania, RACT plays a significant role within the community.

Year established: 1923
Type: Mutual
Industry: Motoring

The Royal Automobile Club of WA (RAC)

RAC is a motoring mutual and offers a wide range of services to its members, including roadside assistance, travel and insurance. It is a leader in driverless vehicle technology, and has launched the first fully autonomous, electric shuttle bus on public roads.

Year established: 1905
Type: Mutual
Industry: Motoring

Unimutual Limited

Unimutual is owned and controlled by Australian universities, higher education providers and associated entities for the sole benefit and interest of its membership. It provides cover for essential property and liability protection.

Year established: 1989
Type: Mutual

Unity Bank

Unity Bank is a member owned bank that offers a wide range of financial products and services to its members and their families Australia

Year established: 1970
Type: Mutual


Westfund is a not-for-profit private health insurance fund that started operating over 140 years ago. Covering over 120,000 memberships, it is now one of Australia’s fastest-growing funds.

Year established: 1953
Type: Mutual

Yenda Producers Co-operative Society Ltd

The Yenda Producers Co–operative provides its farmer members with comprehensive farming products, services and farming advice from a team of highly trained and experienced agronomists and horticulturalists.

Year established: 1925