Diversity and inclusion

Inclusion in the workplace is an important issue for all Australian businesses. As co-operatives and mutuals, we are closely connected to our communities through our membership, and believe that our workforce should reflect the diversity of our community.

There is also a sound business case for inclusion in the workforce and proven benefits of employing and retaining workers with diverse abilities. Understanding this business case, and how to lead your organisation to greater inclusivity, can position co-ops and mutuals as ‘employers of choice’.

The BCCM has published research on both gender and disability inclusion in the co-operative and mutual sector. In 2020-21, the BCCM undertook new research into the inclusion of Aboriginal Australians in the co-operative and mutual workforce.

Action to Empower is the BCCM’s report into the potential of the co-operative and mutual model to provide solutions in the care economy.

The BCCM is working with Women in Mutuals, the Customer Owned Banking Association and industry leaders to develop a cross-sector broad diversity and inclusion plan for Australian co-ops and mutuals. If you are interested in this project please contact the BCCM.