Equal treatment for all business models

The BCCM works to ensure government and regulators understand the purpose of co-operatives and mutuals and how they benefit society. We advocate for a policy environment that enables co-operatives and mutuals to compete fairly with other business models.

The BCCM steered the 2016 Federal Senate inquiry into the sector’s contribution to the economy which made 17 recommendations to reform the operating environment for co-ops and mutuals.

Following the Government’s response, then Treasurer, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, ordered The Hammond Review to examine barriers to access to capital for the sector. In 2019, the BCCM secured amendments to the Corporations Act to define mutuals and allow for Mutual Capital Instruments.

Policy aims

  1. Consistent and appropriate legislation and regulation of co-operatives and mutuals
  2. Equal attention, encouragement and support from Government as other business models
  3. Clear political responsibility for co-operatives and mutuals at all levels of government
  4. Statutory duty for regulators to maintain corporate diversity
  5. Co-operative and mutual education in accounting, business, commerce, economics and law

Blueprint for an enterprising nation

The ‘Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation’ is the BCCM’s policy platform for governments to support a strong economy with a strong co-operative and mutual sector. The business environment for co-operatives and mutuals has improved but there is still much to be done. Download BCCM’s 2021 Blueprint for an enterprising nation ‘A strong economy: It’s every Australian’s business’ to find out more about our current policies.

‘Blueprint for an Enterprising Nation’ is the previous (second) edition of the BCCM’s policy guide updated to reflect the significant legislative and regulatory gains we have made.