ESG and sustainability

The growth of environmental, social and governance issues globally is having a significant impact in the listed companies sector, but these issues are just as profound for co-operatives and mutuals.

In sectors as diverse as agriculture, insurance, banking, superannuation, energy, motoring, housing and community services, the consequences of man-made global warming are already being felt.

Social and governance issues, too, are coming to the fore in ever new ways as organisations take stock of their activities that connect customers, suppliers, employees, government agencies and broader communities.

The BCCM is working with its members to deepen the sector’s sustainability to meet the challenges and expectations of people and planet.

2024-25 ESG Community of Practice Program

Explore building a compelling and tailored ESG narrative and strategies for getting the board’s buy-in for sustainability initiatives. Our 2024-25 ESG Community of Practice Program commences on 23...

Sustainability Strategy for Co-operatives and Mutuals

Assisting co-ops and mutuals to develop effective sustainability strategies responding to compliance pressures, consumer and market demands and to the net zero imperative.

Co-operative and Mutual Climate Policy and Declaration

Co-operative and mutual enterprises are coming together to accelerate action towards tackling climate change. Become a signatory

Purposeful, sustainable business

Read the BCCM’s report examining the familiarity and understanding of co-ops and mutuals of the concept of social responsibility and corporate accountability

Latest ESG news

2022 BCCM Leaders Summit Climate Action Peter Watts photo by Daryl Charles
22 October 2023

Greenwashing and Sustainability Reporting

One welcome trend in the sustainability world has been the recent regulatory focus and growing awareness of greenwashing.
Solar Panels, Pro Bono Australia
21 December 2022

ESG Sustainability Project update

The BCCM's ESG Sustainability Project in 2022 has been a great success. View our list of ESG Project webinars.
7 December 2022

Is your co-op or mutual sustainability ready?

The BCCM's new Sustainability Strategy for Co-operatives and Mutuals course has been designed to help co-operatives and mutuals implement the Co-operatives and Mutuals Climate Policy.
19 November 2022

Australian co-op apex BCCM calls for fresh action on climate change

Australia’s BCCM has called for “an all-in commitment” to tackling climate change and launched a Declaration of Climate Action at its 2022 Leaders’ Summit in Melbourne.
18 November 2022

Co-ops and mutuals set a framework for climate action

The BCCM today urged an all-in commitment to tackling the issue of climate change, as it prepared to launch its Declaration of Climate Action at a 2022 Leaders’ Summit in Melbourne.
Plastic waste in ocean
8 November 2022

Coop Italia removes 42 tons of plastic from the sea

Retailer Coop Italia is helping to clear the Italian seas of plastic by installing trash-eating devices, using offshore drones and employing scuba diving teams.