ESG and sustainability

The growth of environmental, social and governance issues globally is having a significant impact in the listed companies sector, but these issues are just as profound for co-operatives and mutuals.

In sectors as diverse as agriculture, insurance, banking, superannuation, energy, motoring, housing and community services, the consequences of man-made global warming are already being felt.

Social and governance issues, too, are coming to the fore in ever new ways as organisations take stock of their activities  that connect customers, suppliers, employees, government agencies and broader communities.

The BCCM is working with its members to deepen the sector’s sustainability to meet the challenges and expectations of people and planet.

Purposeful, sustainable business

Read the BCCM’s report examining the familiarity and understanding of co-ops and mutuals of the concept of social responsibility and corporate accountability

Cooperation for the transition to a green economy

How co-ops are acting to protect the environment, as well as mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

Global Mutual Leaders Symposium

Revisit the BCCM’s Global Mutual Leaders Symposium; Mutuality, ESG and investment

2021 BCCM Leaders’ Summit

Revisit the 2021 BCCM Leaders’ Summit; the sustainability edition

Latest ESG news

Small leaves burst forth from a burnt tree after a bush fire.
13 October 2021

Co-operatives should be included in disaster and recovery planning

The BCCM calls for the co-operative and mutual sector to be included in national resilience and recovery planning.
Australian bush on fire with firetruck - istock
30 September 2021

Mutuality, ESG & sustainable business – a new catalyst for Australian climate action

BCCM on its work with Mutuo to develop ways for co-ops to deliver social and environmental benefits. Co-ops and mutuals are the original ESG businesses.
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27 August 2021

Your sustainability choices

Australians increasingly are interested in how they can make their activities accord with their views about environmental sustainability. Where to start? A good first step is defining your goals and...
BCCM Mutual Capital Symposium 2019 Photo by Chris Gleisner
18 August 2021

Is your co-operative or mutual ready to report its ESG impact?

ESG impact is now a mainstream concern for all businesses. Corporations are expected to consider how their business operations affect the natural environment, as well as their workers and wider...
Dr Paul Thambar
2 March 2021

Sustainability blog: ESG is in the DNA of CMEs

Five key actions that for-profit firms should undertake to become seriously focused on ESG measurement and reporting.
24 February 2021

How sustainability can sustain co-operatives and mutuals

Tackling climate risk will require many changes and new strategies. CMEs are well positioned to do their part and play a major role in building a sustainable Australia.