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The BCCM is your one-stop shop for all things co-operative and mutual, be they in Australia or overseas. The BCCM produces countless resources that are useful whether you simply want to learn about co-operative or mutuals, or actually set one up. We also direct you to other resources you might find relevant or interesting, such as podcasts and videos.

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We speak frankly with farmers who are successfully using co-operative farming business models. Through their stories and real life experiences (warts and all), you will...
Research & reports
This report, commissioned by the BCCM, looks at four case studies around Australia where a local co-operative has been the backbone of community resilience and recovery...
Research & reports
How cooperatives are acting to protect the environment, as well as mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.
Research & reports
Recommendations on the need for co-operative educational framework in Australia. Co-operative Farming has used this report for its Educational and Accreditation...
Research & reports
Identifying barriers and opportunities for the formation and development of agricultural co-operatives in Australia.
Research & reports
CoopConnect: A Coop Eco-System to enhance connectivity and promote innovation in the Cooperative Enterprise sector
Research & reports
The 2021 National Mutual Economy Report measures the size and the performance of the Australian co-operative and mutual sector.
Research & reports
This report examines the nature of company boards’ understanding and familiarity with the concept of social responsibility and the importance of their corporate...
For communities who want to work together to build an enterprise that serves their needs and aspirations. Updated 2021.
Free step-by-step tool to help co-operatives prepare the essential legal documents required to form a co-operative structure.  
Manuals, Toolkits
Simple guide to setting up a co-op. (UK Source)
Research & reports
This report focusses on the potential contribution of co-operatives and mutuals to innovation and reforms in aged care and disability services, informed by Australian...
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