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The BCCM is your one-stop shop for all things co-operative and mutual, be they in Australia or overseas. The BCCM produces countless resources that are useful whether you simply want to learn about co-operative or mutuals, or actually set one up. We also direct you to other resources you might find relevant or interesting, such as podcasts and videos.

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Research & reports
The Limited Equity Housing Co-operative as an intermediate tenure solution for Australia's growing renter class.
Discussion paper
Overview of and discussion about housing co-operatives in Australia and the implications for the present debates about affordable housing in Australia.
Research & reports
Research investigating older, low income households’ preferences for a range of alternative housing models and examining which would best meet their needs. 
Manuals, Research & reports, Toolkits
Code of Conduct to govern the use of Discretionary Mutual Funds (DMFs). This sets a clearer framework for affordable risk protection across the Australian economy.
Research & reports
Co-operative and mutual enterprises are coming together to accelerate action towards tackling climate change: BCCM declaration and policy.
Two ICMIF members share their net zero commitments and insights on their journey so far in the transition to become carbon neutral businesses over the next 30 years.
Mami Mizutori, the Head of the UNDRR, and mutual/cooperative leaders discuss the progress made in benchmarking disaster risk reduction and prevention activities.
Research & reports
List of the worlds’ largest 300 co-operatives and mutuals, or groups of co-operatives and mutuals, and an analysis of the economic sectors. 
Research & reports
This paper explored literature to develop a conceptual framework to determine how primary industry co-ops can play a role in managing natural capital.
Research & reports
Abstract: What makes the cooperative business model unique is the various roles members have.
Blueprint, Submissions
The BCCM has launched its policy blueprint for the NSW election. The blueprint calls on all political parties to commit to four measures that will support the growth of...
Presented by Michael Kerr and David Gregory,  this podcast talks to small business leaders about their experiences, advice and tips.
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