Benefits of co-ops and mutuals

Co-ops and mutuals help to create an economy and society that works in the interests of the widest number of people by sharing ownership and the rewards of business.

Because the business purpose is different, these firms behave differently, pursuing business plans that aim to secure long term success for their members.

Because co-ops and mutuals have been in business for the long-term, focused on their core purpose of serving their members and the wider community:

  • They have the potential to help create growth, prosperity and fairness through enterprises that spread wealth and prosperity.
  • They positively affect the markets in which they operate, often by restricting the profit taking of investor owned firms that must compete with them.

They are important. They are home grown. They deliver competition and choice, and spread the benefits of business far beyond investor shareholders into the wider population.

Co-ops and mutuals are owned by Australians, pay their taxes in Australia and contribute to our nation’s prosperity.