CME 100 Chairs’ Forum

The CME 100 Chairs’ Forum is a biannual meeting bringing the chairs of the Top 100 co-ops and mutuals together to table and discuss issues of interest to the chairs with a specific focus on the importance of governance, governance trends and ideas for improving governance standards.

The Forum has steered the development of the first customised governance principles for CMEs. The BCCM released the Governance Principles for Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises (CMEs) in 2018 to provide guidance and practical advice to help directors incorporate the co-operative values and principles into their decision-making, planning, policies and processes. Compliance with these principles provides a sound basis for good governance in all co-operatives.

The forum meets twice yearly at a luncheon. A guest speaker addresses the chairs followed by roundtable discussion. The group is open to chairs of any full member of the BCCM. The forum is chaired by the BCCM chair, Terry Agnew.

To join the group, please email the convenor, Melina Morrison.