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30 January 2023

BCCM 2023 Pre-Budget submission

The BCCM 2023 Pre-Budget submission has called on the Federal Government to explore how co-operatives and mutuals can help to deliver progress in priority policy areas.
27 January 2023

Service to co-ops and mutuals recognised in Australia Day 2023 Honours List

Congratulations to these outstanding people on being recognised in the 2023 Honours List. Your service and achievements shine a light on the co-operative and...
23 January 2023

BCCM launches $7m social care program

The BCCM has started work on a new Commonwealth funded education, training and advisory program to start and grow more co-ops and mutuals in social care.
12 January 2023

Annual Q&A: Melina Morrison, CEO, Australia’s Business Council of Co-ops and Mutuals

"What I want to see is the full uptake of our climate policy across Australian co-ops and mutuals, shining a light on us as leading ESG businesses."
22 December 2022

Manufacturing’s missing middle: solving the riddle

Mid-sized enterprises that have the scale and sophistication to compete more effectively in the modern global economy are missing.
21 December 2022

ESG Sustainability Project update

The BCCM's ESG Sustainability Project in 2022 has been a great success. View our list of ESG Project webinars.
19 December 2022

BCCM releases new code of conduct for discretionary mutuals

Signatories make a voluntary commitment to eight principles – adapted from those of the international co-op movement
15 December 2022

Conduct code for mutuals launched as ‘traditional’ premiums rise

The BCCM has prepared its first voluntary code of conduct for operators of discretionary mutual funds (DMFs), amid renewed interest in the risk protection schemes as...
15 December 2022

BCCM moves to strengthen alternative form of financial risk protection

The BCCM today unveiled a Code of Conduct to govern the use of Discretionary Mutual Funds, setting a clearer framework for affordable risk protection across the...
14 December 2022

The amazing story of Vanguard – Building a $A10 trillion mutual from a $1 billion fund company

At the 2022 BCCM Leaders’ Summit, keynote speaker Jeremy Duffield (ex-CEO and Founder, Vanguard Australia) spoke about the remarkable vision and achievements of Jack...
13 December 2022

How do mutuals in UK and Australia compare?

The chief executive of Britain’s eighth-largest building society says that the purpose-led culture that mutuals are well-known for in Australia is also evident in the...
12 December 2022

Gas price cap a just-in-time measure

Melina Morrison speaks on NSW Country Hour, welcoming the gas price cap as a just-in-time measure to ensure Australia does not lose more Australian manufacturing.
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