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08 June 2023

Offshoring of Australia’s food processing must be reversed – BCCM

The BCCMs today said the offshoring of Australia’s food processing capability must be reversed.
31 May 2023

Time to revive co-ops

Producer-owned dairy companies can offer stability in the marketplace, while the big milk processors who dominate the industry cannot, writes Melina Morrison in The...
29 May 2023

The sector that wants to sandbag itself from private equity

The UK's Co-operatives, Mutuals and Friendly Societies Bill is a legislative model Australia’s mutual and co-op industry is keen to see replicated.
26 May 2023

European launch for BCCM’s new tool to measure value of co-op businesses

Australia’s BCCM has formally launched its framework to measure the value of co-operative businesses in Europe.
26 May 2023

BCCM launches the Mutual Value Measurement framework in Europe

ICMIF member the BCCM, Australia has formally launched its world-first framework that measures the value of cooperatives and mutuals in Europe.
24 May 2023

European launch for world first framework to measure co-operative value

The BCCM has formally launched its world-first framework to measure the value of co-operative businesses in Europe.
24 May 2023

Measures that matter: Melina Morrison’s address at the MVM European launch

Melina Morrison's launches MVM - a breakthrough methodology for surfacing our mutual difference and shining a spotlight on our way of doing business at The Shard, London,...
23 May 2023

ACHA endorses 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan development

The Australian Cooperative Housing Alliance (ACHA) fully endorses the Housing Australia Future Fund and the Federal Government’s 10-year National Housing and...
22 May 2023

Could co-op housing fix Australia’s housing problem?

Dr. Sidsel Grimstad, senior lecturer at Griffith University, addresses could co-op housing fix Australia's housing problem on ABC Radio.
15 May 2023

Highlighting diversity and inclusion in Australian co-ops and mutuals

As we continue to celebrate our co-operative decade, this month we are reflecting on our work to define best practice for diversity and inclusion across our sector.  
11 May 2023

A delicate balancing act between people and business

Melina Morrison shares her views on the recent budget. Watch on-demand on ausbiz.
10 May 2023

Federal Budget 2023-24: BCCM summary and overview

In handing down his second budget last night, the Treasurer’s “Commonwealth of common purpose”, strikes a chord with our business models.
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