Our associate members are business partners who serve the sector with advice and expertise including lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. Associate members are also smaller CMEs on a path to full membership of BCCM and other industry peak bodies.

Achmea Australia

Achmea Australia is a specialist farm insurer that cherishes its co-operative heritage.

Year established: 2013

ArchiTeam Cooperative

Membership association for Australian architects working in small, medium and emerging practices.

Year established: 1991

Aussie Farmers Mutual

Not-for-profit discretionary mutual that is owned by its members, created for Australian farmers by Australian farmers.

Year established: 2019
Type: Mutual
Industry: Agriculture

Australian Mutuals Foundation

Vehicle for mutual banks, credit unions and co-ops to support community campaigns.

Year established: 2016
Type: Association

Australian Travel Agents Cooperative Limited

Travel buying group built on transparency, superior buying power and equal profit sharing.

Year established: 1987

Ballina Fishermens Co-operative

Owned by 26 independent fishers, the co-op exists to get the best possible seafood price for members.

Industry: Agriculture

Baptist Insurance Services

National insurance scheme organising insurance on properly and other assets in excess of $5 billion and on behalf of over 1,350 constituents.

Year established: 1984
Type: Mutual

bHive Bendigo

Community-owned person-to-person sharing economy digital platform in Bendigo, Victoria.

Year established: 2017
Type: Platform co-operative

Bus Association Victoria

Representing the interests of members in their relationship with Government and its Agencies.

Year established: 1944
Type: Association

Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-operative

With over 130 members the co-op directly contributes to the livelihoods of hundreds of local families.

Year established: 1945
Industry: Agriculture

Co-operation Housing

Umbrella organisation for housing co-operatives in WA, representing, supporting, advocating for and growing the WA co-op housing sector.

Year established: 2010
Industry: Housing

Co-operative Supermarkets Australia Limited

A co-operative of independent supermarkets and liquor stores which are branded or unbranded and operating in Australia.

Year established: 2019

Cohousing Australia

Advocates for and supports the creation and delivery of cohousing, particularly in Australian sub/urban area.

Year established: 2006
Type: Industry peak
Industry: Housing

Common Equity Housing SA

Provides support services to housing co-ops run by members, resulting in strong communities, social networks and better outcomes for members.

Year established: 2012
Industry: Housing


Provides energy services to customer members. Takes action against the climate crisis, build community and tackle poverty.

Year established: 2017


Australian IT company is a trusted partner for organisations that operate in highly secure and regulated environments.

Year established: 2023

Eyre Peninsula Co-operative Bulk Handling (EPCBH)

Primary producer co-operative on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia with members from farm business and families across the region.

Year established: 2017
Industry: Agriculture

Harvey Water

Delivers non-potable water to members and customer base, located in the premium south west growing districts, 100km south of Perth.

Year established: 1999

Hepburn Energy

Hepburn Energy owns and operates Australia’s first community owned wind farm, leading the transition to a clean energy future.

Year established: 2007


Network of manufacturing, engineering and specialist services companies.

Year established: 1992

Kimberley Meat Company

A full service abattoir supplying high quality manufacturing grade beef sourced from its own operations in pastoral land in the Kimberley.

Year established: 2012
Industry: Agriculture

Kingdom Community Life Care LTD (KCLC)

Benevolent organisation established in Logan City, Queensland, Australia

Year established: 2020

Latrobe Health Services

Australian-owned not-for-profit registered private health insurer with more than 81,000 members across Australia.

Year established: 1950

Limestone Coast Fishermen’s Co-operative

Processor and marketer of Southern Rock Lobster supplied by its member fishing businesses.

Year established: 2018
Industry: Agriculture

Mountain Milk Co-operative Limited

Mountain Milk Co-operative has created a route to market for dairy farmers in North East Victoria, and handles over 23ML of premium quality local milk.

Year established: 2018
Industry: Agriculture

Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance

NAAKPA is an alliance of Aboriginal-owned companies supplying Kakadu Plum fruit and extracts for the Australian market.

Year established: 2018

Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative

Creates meaningful employment for members with cognitive and psychological disabilities. One of Australia’s first social enterprises.

Year established: 1998

Original Power

Indigenous-led and community-focused not-for-profit working to build the collective power of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Year established: 2018

PaRA Co-operative Limited

Supported accommodation for three young men using NDIS funding through SILC.

Year established: 2015
Industry: Housing


Designs and operates risk transfer alternatives, including DMFs, for communities, industries and organisations seeking alternatives to insurance.

Year established: 2016
Type: Mutual

Quairading Farmers Co-operative Ltd

Providing goods and services to the local community via the community-owned and operated Quairading supermarket.

Year established: 1917

Regen Farmers Mutual

Farmer owned business helping its members to understand, manage and capture the value of their environmental assets.

Year established: 2021
Industry: Agriculture

Stock & Station Agents Co-operative Limited

Formed to provide sound support for members throughout Australia by protecting their cash flow.

Year established: 1994

Summerland Credit Union

Providing ethical banking options, trusted advice and supporting their members and community.

Year established: 1964

TAFCO Rural Supplies

Connects with its community through its rural merchandise store and providing goods and services.

Year established: 1987

Terang & District Co-operative Limited

Community owned and operated enterprise meeting the needs of local shoppers, farmers and other trades.

Year established: 1908

The Pack Music Cooperative

Patron-powered music streaming collective connecting local businesses, local listeners and local musicians.

Year established: 2021
Industry: Arts and Culture

Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative

Australia’s oldest NFP independent Indigenous education provider, working to transform the lives of Aboriginal people & Torres Strait Islanders.

Year established: 1957

Travellers Choice

Travellers Choice represents independent travel agents and was named Australia’s Best Travel Agency Group in 2015 and 2019.

Year established: 1977

Union Co-operative Society

Provides business, residential housing and retail services to members in Paddington, Brisbane.

Year established: 1969