Share registries and member relations

Co-operatives and mutuals need a robust registry system not only to comply with legal requirements of the Co-operatives National Law but also to maintain clear communications with members and ensure they are ready to raise and manage new capital from members and other investors.

The BCCM can provide referrals to registry service providers with experience working with co-operatives and mutuals: Syndex and Link Market Services. Contact the BCCM for a referral.

BCCM members can access Capital Partners Project webinars and other resources on the role of registry services in supporting capital raising.

BCCM partnership with Syndex

As part of the Co-operative Farming program, the BCCM worked with software as a service (SaaS) business Syndex on a pilot project to tailor its registry services offering to Australian agricultural co-operatives. The pilot focused on the distinctive needs of co-operatives such as managing distribution of patronage rebates, managing active membership requirements and improving member communications.

On the strength of this pilot, BCCM and Syndex are partnering to bring digital registry solutions to the wider co-operative sector.

Founded in New Zealand in 2014, Syndex is driven to make private markets more efficient and investible, as well as providing a peace of mind solution for businesses with extensive administration, communications and registry management requirements.

Syndex has served New Zealand co-operatives since 2016, providing an automated member management tool that’s ideally tailored to the sector.

For end investors, Syndex improves direct access to alternative investments, enhancing transparency, price discovery and liquidity.

For users of its platform, Syndex delivers improved investor/member relations capability without handing over the management of information and communications to a third party. Syndex empowers users to automate and streamline these and other operations processes themselves. The Syndex platform can provide users with better access to capital and an easy way to manage issuing shares, debentures or Co-operative Capital Units (CCUs) and bringing onboard new members.

Read a case study of how Sydnex worked with co-op NZPM.


  • Syndex provides a member portal, connecting co-ops with their members. It includes:
    • Automated communications tools
    • An automated rebate payment portal
    • Administrative tools and support
    • A streamlined new member application process


  • Member registry
  • An easy to use and detailed CRM
  • Compliance tools, corporate actions and governance support functionality
  • An easy to use portal for capital raising, tailored to issuing shares, debentures and Co-operative Capital Units (CCUs)

Contact the BCCM for a referral.