Giving businesses the choice to operate as a co-operative or mutual needs the regulatory regimes to fit. The BCCM’s submissions to government inquiries have led to amended legislation for fairer operating conditions, access to capital and grants allocation. These submissions also help educate the wider community on the benefits of co-operatives and mutuals across the economy. For information on the BCCM’s submissions please contact Anthony Taylor.

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2021-22 Pre-Budget Submission

This submission urges the Commonwealth Government to support industry-led efforts to promote growth among Australian-owned co-operative and mutual businesses through the provision of $7 million for business growth services and industry deregulation.
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Committee: Treasury
Submission Date: 10 May 2021

Draft motor vehicle repair information sharing legislation

BCCM supported the draft and noted some potential refinements.
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Committee: Treasury
Submission Date: 29 Jan 2021

Aged Care Royal Commission

BCCM's submission highlighted the potential of the CME sector to help support investment in achieving the generational change in aged care.
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Committee: Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety
Submission Date: 20 Nov 2020

Victorian Social Enterprise Strategy Consultation

Victorian co-ops and mutuals deliver social value at scale.
Jurisdiction: Victoria
Committee: Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions
Submission Date: 06 Nov 2020

Long term sustainability of the NSW dairy industry

Co-operatives are essential to the long-term sustainability of dairying.
Jurisdiction: New South Wales
Committee: Portfolio Committee No. 4
Submission Date: 13 Oct 2020

Mitsubishi Motors Exclusive Dealing Notification

BCCM objected to the proposed exclusive dealing notification.
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Committee: ACCC
Submission Date: 09 Oct 2020

2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission

Recovery Through Co-operation: A plan for jobs, growth and manufacturing
Jurisdiction: Queensland
Committee: Treasury
Submission Date: 28 Aug 2020

National Agricultural Workforce Strategy

BCCM’s submission proposed a number of innovative, co-operative solutions to agricultural workforce challenges.
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Committee: National Agricultural Labour Advisory Committee
Submission Date: 03 Aug 2020

The role of co-operative agriculture in the COVID-19 recovery

Co-operative enterprise can drive investment in the development of new locally-owned and operated food manufacturing and marketing sectors that benefit the Territory community and economy.

Jurisdiction: Northern Territory
Committee: Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission
Submission Date: 29 Jul 2020

Co-operatives (New South Wales) Regulation 2020

BCCM made a submission to the NSW Department of Customer Service on a proposed update to the Co-operatives Local Regulations. BCCM noted issues with above-inflation fee increases and regulation of co-operative names.
Jurisdiction: New South Wales
Committee: Department of Customers Service
Submission Date: 10 Jul 2020

Lessons to be learned in relation to the 2019-20 bushfire season

Community-owned co-operatives and mutuals made important contributions to communities in regions heavily impacted by the bushfires.
Jurisdiction: Commonwealth
Committee: Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration
Submission Date: 22 May 2020

Co-operatives National Law Bill 2020 (Qld) inquiry

BCCM supports the introduction of Co-operatives National Law in Queensland.
Jurisdiction: Queensland
Committee: Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee
Submission Date: 26 Feb 2020
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