The Bunya Fund recipients

The Bunya Fund is Australia’s first co-operative and mutual enterprise sector fund that supports the next generation of co-operative and mutual social enterprises.

The BCCM announced the successful applicants to its inaugural co-operative development fund, The Bunya Fund, in November 2022. Its successful second-round recipients were announced on 30 June 2023.

The Bunya Fund was launched by the BCCM in June 2022 with the aim of helping to grow Australia’s co-operative and mutual sector by bridging the funding gap for early- stage enterprises to develop their businesses. It provides funding for education, training, advisory and mentoring to support emerging co-operatives and mutuals with high economic, social, cultural and environmental impact.

BCCM CEO Melina Morrison said The Bunya Fund was an example of the collaborative nature of member-owned businesses and would ensure young enterprises had the resources to grow. “The Bunya Fund is helping to empower the next generation of co-operatives and mutuals by lending vital monetary support and also contributing valuable advice from some of our more experienced member organisations.

“This fund is ensuring that emerging co-ops and mutuals can grow and prosper, and in the process, deliver positive impact to their communities,” she said. “What is most pleasing is to see some of our larger co-operatives giving back and sharing what they have learned in the interests of creating a better future for all Australians.”

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Meet The Bunya Fund's round two recipients

Co-operation Housing
Sustainable Housing for Artists and Creatives Co-operative (SHACC)
SuppHorticulture is auspiced by The Veggie Empire
The Broomehill Village Co-operative

Meet The Bunya Fund's round one recipients

Co-operation Housing
Eyre Peninsula Co-operative Bulk Handling logo
Kingdom Community Life Care LTD (KCLC)
Northern Australia Aboriginal Kakadu Plum Alliance
Quairading Co-op

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